Marcos opened the door, Harris stormed through, whats next?

Analysis and Opinion By Joe America Big nations push. Small nations are pushed. True independence is Cuba. Other nations are pushers, dancers, or beggars. The Philippines was a beggar under Duterte and is becoming a dancer under Marcos. Aquino was a dancer, and skilled at it. President Marcos opened the door to the US, Vice […]

Marcos opened the door, Harris stormed through, whats next?

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  1. ‘pbbm opened the door, harris stormed thru’ . . . ‘ e di wow na wow!

    really, pbbm even said in one of his televised moments, “I need your help . . . ” and if he was speaking to the whole sambayanan, I got the biggest eye roll for him, thankfully no one saw me, lol!

    I need your help, and yet pbbm already appointed his own best and brightest, their qualifications long as their arms, their influence far reaching, their fame stratospheric. and if still pbbm needs help from me and you and god knows who else! I wonder what more his best and brightest need to do to be of further help to him.

    if pbbm listens to citizens, they are already saying, pay your estate tax! help the country and do your civic duty.

    ah, not this kind of help pbbm needs? a reminder of what he must do first and foremost.

    maybe, pbbm ought not be too needy and greedy for help. he already has the best and brightest at his employ plus the humongous budget already at his disposal!

    as well, maybe next time, pbbm will be definite and pinpoint exactly what help he needs for if he needs his ingrown nail cut asap, dont call me, lol!

  2. it is quiet dito, the cat is away kaya ang mouse na ito will play!

    it’s funny that once pbbm opened the door, senator bato got a drift and drafted a bill legalizing drugs, but bato seemed to have cold feet recently. I think it is progressive of senator bato to be thinking of legalizing drugs. kaso pdea is talagang opposed to legalizing drugs maybe for the reason na mawawalan sila ng uberly high paying jobs and the perks that went with it. what would pdea rank and file do when there is no more illegal drug trade to be busted?

    pdea said legalizing drug would send wrong message to kids, but what if it’s the right message? stigma of drug use would be lessened, drugs lords would have to be licensed and registered as drug manufacturers and procurers and from their income, they would be obliged to pay tax used to rehab addicts and fund better drug education at schools and colleges.

    at tama si senator bato, legalizing drugs would not only free up jail, it would also lessen the secrecy and midnight deals of illegal drug trade. drugs is not only health problem, it is also economic problem as well as social problem.


    drugs again! I think senator lapid’s proposed bill is medyo silly. withholding drug overdose attracts fine?

    if drug overdose leads to murder, there should be prosecution, not fine. and if senator lapid want better reporting of drug overdose, I think dr eric tarag can enlighten; doh already has nationwide epidemiological data on drug overdoses region by region and across all walks of life. all senator lapid has to do is ask and he’ll be likely provided a copy. but what will lapid do with the controversial data? data in the wrong hands is potential for blackmail. many influential families dont want it known their kind and celebrated relative is drug fatality.

  4. soliloquy:
    maharlika sovereign wealth fund: wealth and fund side by side and in closest proximity ay parang overkill! it’s raining money, lol!

    govt’s initial outlay of 250billion with money (commandeered?) from sss, gsis, and other govt institutions to be invested in high risk investment (crypto?) is uber beneficial to the people kuno. economists are forcasting earnings between 7% to 14% p.a. malaki daw yan. kaso, such earning is taxable, mswf has to pay tax. baka ayaw nila magbayad ng buhis, o baka ipasa ang buhis at yong mga recepients ay sila ang magbayad. if govt pay tax, recipients can expect to receive less.

    it must also be considered that sometimes, investments have negative return, shares and stock market do crash.

    anyhow, if pbbm is innovative, he’ll likely use mswf to fund the oil exploration in west phil sea. prosperous firms already here and doing business can always partner with him. and together, oil exploration is bigger possibility maybe without china breathing down their necks.

    we should try to be less dependent on china like what some countries are now doing.

  5. if govt is serious about solving the mystery of the missing sabungeros, it must offer reward and the mystery will be solved in no time at all!

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