Studying Solana 2021 09 21 1112H

Recording life.

Inhave gone through the command line stuff of solana and have a basic understanding of what is happening.

I have scanned the web3 api and tye DAPP scaffold source code.

Net target is a hello world app then I’ll need to either find an opensource DeFi project in Solana or start studying BSC/ETH.

I’ve been putting off studying ETH because it’s always better to be early on a new thing rather than late at the big thing.

Checkpoint 2021 08 23 1604H0

BTC at 50K was nice. Portfolio is up almost 70 percent overall.

Kids are expensive. Tuition fee and school supplies are not a joke. Must find raket.

Have to go full blast with Consulting gig as various life concerns had me billing only 8 days last July.

I desperately want to be part of the Cardano developer ecosystem. Must make time.

I need to restart video making for the voter education of fellow Filipinos.

Life is Fucking UNFAIR 2021 08 15

We have been eating grab food deliveries and shopping using lazada or grab mart since the latest ECQ began. Doom scrolling right now. I cannot emphasize enough how fucking unfair life is. When my biggest problem daily is where to order the next meal while a lot of people are fucking hungry.

Life Updates 2021 07 26

I got a new kid Katie. We are now 5. Me, Angela, Felicity, Amelie, and Katie.

I am now officially starting January of this year as an STTC Short Term Technical Consultant for UPPAF RESPOND, a USAID-funded grantee.

I got renewed twice this year as an HTC Highly Technical Consultant for the Philippines’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

I am still consulting as a part-time CTO, Simply put just trying to tie loose ends. Love our clients.

Trying to get into the crypto space. Have most of my savings in Crypto.

Part owner of a beginner-level Axie team. Grinding as a scholar with Felicity while searching for someone to help with their own scholarship.

It has been a hard couple of years.

I am still standing

Salamat PNoy 2021 06 27

I am still in despair. I feel as if I lost a dear friend. as an introvert I’ve always been drawn to quiet workers such as PNoy and Mar.

2009 was about two years into my career. I was actively interviewing for positions overseas. I wanted to get out as I felt then as I now feel once again that the Philippines, that Filipinos are a cursed people.

PNoy made me stay. Here was a person who was always being asked to serve, to do more. How can someone who has benefitted so much (PSHS/UP) from the country abandon her now when it was so very easy to do so.

I have only regretted my decision during the genocidal president’s term.

I must now always remind myself. The Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for, the Filipino is worth fighting for.

RIP and Salamat PNoy.

Trese and today’s haunted Philippines

Analysis and Opinion By Irineo B. R. Salazar Forget all I wrote about the Philippines in this blog. Watch Trese to get what haunts the country. While my writings touch the auditory aspect of our beings and I have looked at things with logic, Trese goes deeper by touching our feelings, showing us pictures and telling a compelling story. LOOKING DEEPER […]

Trese and today’s haunted Philippines