TODO: Personal Project: Budget Cut PH : 2024 05 19 0332H

I believe we are walking slowly towards financial oblivion as a nation and the root is our multi modal society.

Our elites go to Davos and bring home concepts like clean air act, data privacy act, and various wokeness concepts that are useless for a nation with  a miniscule manufacturing base, a miniscule non BPO tech industry, and a failing educational system.

We have to really look at things with the mind of deletion, cancellation, removal of all these laws and bureaucracies that are costing us money and are only making things harder to build, nay impossible to build.

Key to this is looking at what each department spends on and how necessary those things are for the Philippines current level of development.

Institutions are built from the ground up and a lot of things can be saved if we put our minds to it and make hard decisions.

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Melancholic 2023 12 03 0355H

I feel like I am running in place. Tired but not getting anywhere. Hard to give attention to 3 kids while their mom is doing residency. Love my kids but between work, and trying to find a way to make ends meet and almost failing. Not gonna lie it is getting to me. Thinking of just burying myself in a new project or something. Feels like crypto is my escape right now. The only part of my life that seems to be going great.

3rd SEC Ease of Doing Business Champion for 2022-2023 (87th Anniversary)

Got recognized as an ease of doing business champion of the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. The recognition I assume is due to the assistance I have had the honor to provide SEC since 2018, when my boss Former DICT Acting Secretary Manny Caintic became a Highly Technical Consultant for the Commission for at first introducing XBRL to the Philippines but due to circumstances had to find a solution to the issues with the Company Registration System.

Before SEC I was consulting mostly under my former employer Incuventure Partners Corporation and thus I would not be listed by name as a consultant outside of Inciventure

My former boss accepting a position in DICT meant I had to level up. I resigned from my Chief Technology Officer position in Incuventure and started consulting for the SEC. If former Acting Secretary Manny Caintic did not bring me to SEC, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see the admirable people and the journey of the SEC.

It has been half a decade since then and I have now personally consulted for other agencies such as Quezon City Government Office of the City Administrator, Quezon City Government Internal Audit Service, Anti Red Tape Authority, Department of Trade and Industry – Consumer Protection Bureau among others.

This has been my 3rd recognition as an SEC EODB Champion and each time I can’t help but think it is the last. The great leadership of Chairman Aquino, My direct boss Commissioner Javey Paul Francisco supervising CRMD, Commissioner Kelvin Lee supervising ICTD, ICTD Director Oliver Vinzons Chato, CRMD Director Gerry and ICTD Assistant Director Archivald Navarro created one of the, if not strongest IT departments in government. The addition of ICTD Assistant Director Mikey and hopefully a new Assistant Director for infrastructure and Security would bolster the strong IT leadership in the commission.

The ICTD is punching far above its headcount and it is due to the dedication of the whole team. During the celebration last night the AWS account manager was surprised when I told her the people I started this journey with was all still here this is both rare and something to be celebrated.

The CRMD specifically Ma’am Erly Cabatic and Ma’am bless Arceo are inspirations in their dedication to the commission. During the times when we were at the thick of the problems with CRS they and a lot of the CRMD were working nights, after midnights, and weekends just to get around the capacity issues of the system. You are inspirations po.

Got another thing going 2023 10 21 0612H

Helping a friend with her policy paper.

May look into becoming an arbitrator for kicks.

Just got back from Malaysia and I can’t help but envy how far they have come. They probably have 3X their train lines in KL when we haven’t added any? capacity since 2009.

Sad life.