That Which We Call A POGO, By Any Other Name

Which would you rather write, the 100-line monstrosity from Java, or the 10-line (including the import statement) Groovy version? Sure, the IDE generated most of the Java code, but in Groovy all that code comes for free, and any code not present won’t develop bugs later. The Groovy attitude is that if the IDE can do it, why can’t the compiler? Even better, you can read this one, without swimming through all that generated code, and it works with the rest of your Java code simply by compiling it. So please consider using POGOs for all your mapped data.[6]

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rePost :: PH retirement fund law gets BSP nod

MANILA, Philippines – The Monetary Board approved the guidelines for the accreditation of Personal Equity Retirement Act (PERA) market participants – a needed boost since it was signed into law in August 2008.

PERA, which was made possible via Republic Act No. 9505, aims to boost capital market development and increase savings among Filipinos, particularly building their retirement fund. PERA, like the 401 (k) in the US or the superannuation in Australia, is a voluntary and personal account, and a contributor with a tax identification number (TIN) can maintain a maximum of 5 PERA accounts under a single administrator.

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How to use Groovy Traits

Traits are reusable components basically set of methods or fields that you can make your class implement.


Why you should use them ?

You must have heard of problems of multiple inheritence when working with java and also familiar with the well known situation of what is know as ‘Diamond problem’.It says that if you have two classes B and C inherit from A, and class D inherits from both B and C. If there is a method in A that B and/or C has overridden, and D does not override it, then which version of the method does D inherit: that of B, or that of C ??

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Harry Roque’s Blog « Thoughts of an activist lawyer

The famous UP lawyer who can’t read between the lines. Vietnam is not a lackey of the US yet is encountering aggressive action by China. Is it too much of a stretch that maybe China is aggressive against US not specifically because of our close ties with the US?


Add blaming the President for the failings of the Judiciary and someone has to say it:

Harry Roque is a hack!

I wish that we eventually get a lawyer of principle who fights for principle instead of his ego.



I answered all of the options except for strengthening our ties with the US since China already views us as a mere lackey of the US, I explained that with the billions of pesos that we have lost in PDAF and DAP, we could already afford the cost of modernizing our navy. I am unsure though until now what Justice Carpio was leading to since he ended his interpellation by observing that China has also been aggressive against Vietnam despite the latter’s staunch independent foreign policy.

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4 undeniable signs that it’s time to quit your job

1. You’re too stressed and exhausted, it’s on a different level

While “stress” may be relative to each one of us, there will be jobs that are clearly beyond the workload you were expecting. You feel tired every day, and you dread waking up in the morning because you know what’s ahead of you, and it’s usually not good.

“Hey, you look tired,” says your college friend, who meets you on a Friday night for drinks. The litmus test to knowing if you’re too exhausted from your job is when people start noticing it – physically.

You get sick easily, you have adjusted to 4-5 hours of sleep everyday (heard of the Indian CEO who died, despite this deliberate lifestyle?), and you’re either losing weight (for not ingesting much proper food) or gaining some more (because of stress eating).

All the work stress is not worth it if you’re going to end up in the hospital anyway.

You may be one of those who are happily tired—folks who love their job and are addicted to the everyday adrenaline rush no matter how many items they cross off their list. But you may also be one of those who are simply tired because the demands are just too much, whether quantitatively or qualitatively.

Unfortunately, this is when you might have underestimated the job description before signing that contract or an organizational change burdened you to do more work. If you painfully think that you deserve (and can find elsewhere) a job that is more manageable and suited to your lifestyle, then you should seriously consider moving out.

Remember that your role in this world is to live a life through a job, not end it with one.

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How to Identify the Basic Types of Anime and Manga

“Seinen” (青年), on the other hand, refers to young men between the ages of 15-24. Seinen anime and manga tend to be of a more violent and/or psychological nature than shonen series—though, of course, there are seinen comedies as well. They can also have content of a pornographic nature (though this is not the focus of the work). Famous seinen anime and manga include such titles such as Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Hellsing, and Gantz.

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