Will Erap endorse Roxas in 2016? ‘It depends’

Estrada had nothing but warm words and praise for Roxas, who once served as his trade secretary.

Estrada said Roxas, who was at the event, pushed for e-commerce during his stint as trade chief, paving the way for the business process outsourcing (BPO) boom in the country.

“He created thousands of jobs,” Estrada told a crowd of informal settler families.

But even before anyone could imagine Estrada raising Roxas’ hand in the lead-up to the 2016 elections, the political powerhouse added: “Hindi ako nangangampanya. Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo (I’m not campaigning here. I’m just telling the truth).”

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Get the frick out of your place! Leave your city, your house, your office, and go to an event on that topic. There’s something about being in the proximity of those people that is really powerful. It’s energizing and you get to do what I call, “pitch and catch.” You are able to share some of the ideas that you’ve learned so far and also have them “pitch” some other ideas back and you “catch” those. It’s an opportunity to really take your thinking and understanding and move it forward.

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The Kids Are Alright – The Atlantic

I think this does not apply to the Filipino youth.


The results of the Monitoring the Future survey, released yearly by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, should be encouraging for any parent concerned about today’s youth.

Kids these days are drinking less: “Since the recent peak rate of 61 percent in 1997, there has been a fairly steady downward march in alcohol use among adolescents,” said Lloyd Johnston, the study’s principal investigator, in a statement. “The proportion of teens reporting any alcohol use in the prior year has fallen by about a third.”

Percent of Teens Who Said They Drank in the Past Year

Olga Khazan

They are taking fewer painkillers. “Past-year use of the opioid pain reliever Vicodin showed a significant five-year drop, with 4.8 percent of 12th graders using Vicodin for non-medical reasons, half of what it was just five years ago, at 9.7 percent,” the study authors write.

In fact, high schoolers are taking less of pretty much all prescription drugs, other than Adderall and other stimulants:

Past Five Year Use of Prescription Drugs Among 12th Graders

University of Michigan 2014 Monitoring the Future Study

What’s more, they’re using less of pretty much every drug.

Here are some highlights from the report:

“The proportion of 12th-graders reporting use of synthetic marijuana [K2 or “spice”] in the prior 12 months has fallen by nearly half. It was 11 percent when first included in the survey in 2011 and was down to 6 percent in 2014.”

“Ecstasy (MDMA) use showed a statistically significant decline in 2014. For the three grades combined use in the prior 12 months dropped from 2.8 percent in 2013 to 2.2 percent in 2014. In 2001, the peak year of use, the rate had reached 6 percent.”

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The secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality – Quartz

The new middlemen

There are only two requirements for an on-demand service economy to work, and neither is an iPhone. First, the market being addressed needs to be big enough to scale—food, laundry, taxi rides. Without that, it’s just a concierge service for the rich rather than a disruptive paradigm shift, as a venture capitalist might say. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there needs to be a large enough labor class willing to work at wages that customers consider affordable and that the middlemen consider worthwhile for their profit margins.

Uber was founded in 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the worst financial crisis in a generation. As the ride-sharing app has risen, so too have income disparity and wealth inequality in the United States as a whole and in San Francisco in particular. Recent research by the Brookings Institution found that of any US city, San Francisco had the largest increase in inequality between 2007 and 2012. The disparity in San Francisco as of 2012, as measured (pdf) by a city agency, was in fact more pronounced than inequality in Mumbai (pdf).

Of course, there are huge differences between the two cities. Mumbai is a significantly poorer, dirtier, more miserable place to live and work. Half of its citizens lack access to sanitation or formal housing.

Another distinction, just as telling, lies in the opportunities the local economy affords to the army of on-demand delivery people it supports. In Mumbai, the man who delivers a bottle of rum to my doorstep can learn the ins and outs of the booze business from spending his days in a liquor store. If he scrapes together enough capital, he may one day be able to open his own shop and hire his own delivery boys.

His counterpart in San Francisco has no such access. The person who cleans your home in SoMa has little interaction with the mysterious forces behind the app that sends him or her to your door. The Uber driver who wants an audience with management can’t go to Uber headquarters; he or she must visit a separate “driver center.”

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Russia has just lost the economic war with the west | Business | The Guardian

A full-blown currency crisis. That’s one way to describe the situation in Russia, where even the attempted “shock and awe” of a 6.5 percentage point-hike in interest rates failed to halt the rouble’s slide on the foreign exchanges. The other is to say that Russia has been engaged in an economic war with the west – and has just lost.

Put simply, this was Moscow’s Norman Lamont moment. Back in September 1992, the then chancellor said he would defend the pound and keep Britain in the exchange rate mechanism by raising official borrowing costs to 15%, even though the economy was in deep trouble at the time.

Russia is in even worse shape than Britain was in 1992. With a clapped-out manufacturing sector, it is over-reliant on its massive stocks of oil and gas at a time when the price of oil is falling through the floor. A barrel of Brent crude was trading at below $60 a barrel on Tuesday, compared to a recent peak of $115 in the summer.

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Mar Roxas and the motorcycle slide

Sabi nga nila no good deed goes un punished (for the devil is more vindictive fellow)

My past experiences have often made me a skeptic. But one thing is clear in my mind: for those six days in Eastern Samar, many people were simply trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities: the mayor who left her hospital bed in Manila to be with her people; the planning officer, in over his head when he was made DRRM officer; the governor who deferred his chemo treatments to stay in the command center; the local and international NGOs and relief volunteers who rushed to help without hesitation; the media men and women who were on the ground reporting responsibly from the start; and many others who did their share.

Like them, Mar Roxas was merely doing his job. He was serving the people.

I know. I was there. – Rappler.com

Rep. Jose Christopher “Kit” Belmote represents the 6th district of Quezon City in the Philippine House of Representatives.

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Aquino: PH to get $500M soft loan from South Korea

Aquino said that based on his bilateral meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Thursday, the Philippines will receive a $500-million framework agreement loan – a concessional loan with low interest rates – from her government for Philippine development projects.

Aquino added that the Korea International Cooperation Agency plans to implement an infrastructure development program in Mindanao to complement its ongoing capacity-building programs for the Bangsamoro.

The President said Park also informed him that her government has set aside an additional $20 million to help victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda, on top of the $5 million that South Korea had earlier sent to help in the post-disaster efforts.

“This is the result of close and deeply-rooted ties,” he said in Filipino.

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