FULL TEXT: Aquino’s speech on Mamasapano at PNPA

Indeed: So much has changed in the way that government has treated our police. Now, there is high morale, accompanied by an extensive list of achievements. Senior Inspector Charity Galvez is a good example of this; she led her comrades in repelling the attack of around 250 members of the NPA on their precinct in Agusan del Sur in 2011. Our policemen in Mati City, Davao Oriental, likewise succeeded in defending their precinct against an attack of some 80 rebels. There is the story of PO3 Edlyn Arbo, who, without any hesitation, pursued and caught a criminal who attempted to hold up the jeepney she was in, even if she was off-duty and did not have her firearm with her. And during the ravages of Typhoon Yolanda, Inspector Marjorie Manuta walked six kilometers in order to render assistance to our countrymen who were victims of the storm. Perhaps you will also remember the story of our four rookie policewomen, who courageously confronted the Martilyo Gang, in the Mall of Asia, in 2014.

In our fight against crime, the results of the PNP’s operations under the supervision of Secretary Mar Roxas of the DILG, NAPOLCOM, and the rest of the PNP leadership have likewise been impressive. From the moment I tasked him to focus on reducing crime in the National Capital Region, and after he initiated Operation Lambat-Sibat last year, the general criminality rate has gone down, from 918 per week from January to June 2014 to a weekly average of 471 these past four weeks. This means that, every week, we are able to ensure the security of an additional 447 of our countrymen. On top of this, this past week, we reduced the general criminality rate to 400. Since we have seen the effectiveness of this initiative, we are now undertaking Operation Lambat-Sibat in other regions too. It is clear: As the state cares for the police, all the more have they improved in caring for the citizenry.

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rePost::The case for a State-owned newspaper in the Philippines | The Society of Honor by Joe America

We have a situation in the Philippines where the nation’s Fourth Estate, its popular media, are not fulfilling the vital role of fairly and accurately informing the public about what is happening. Indeed, they contribute to a form of hysterical tyranny. Even lead media outlets like the Daily Inquirer or ABS-CBN television give the news tabloid treatment that favors one political agenda over another.

It is the way “journalism” reporting is done in the Philippines. Conflict is featured and hyped. Sensational headlines are penned with little regard as to who is harmed by inaccurate words. The well-being of the Philippines, which is what ethics are designed to protect, is ignored. Complaints and anger accordingly run deep. Incidents are not framed in balanced and information-rich articles.

Is it any wonder why Filipinos are down on their nation even as the Philippines rises?

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How a Binay dummy got a P1B Makati property


Valued at P1-billion at present, the 8,877 square meter commercial strip in Bgy Comembo was originally part of a housing project for military personnel and their dependents

Meriras Realty, owned by alleged Binay fronts, rented the area for a mere P9,157 a month

Erlinda Chong, Makati’s cake supplier and a friend of the Binays, acquired the rights on a silver platter to patent the property

Chong paid P17.75 million for the property

A complainant asked why the contested property was appraised at only P2,000 per square meter despite the prevailing price in the area being between P10,000 and P15,000 per square meter

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Binay law firm asks SC to stop probe of bank accounts | ABS-CBN News

The law firm that has been dragged into the controversy involving allegations of corruption against Vice-President Jejomar Binay and his family has gone up to the Supreme Court (SC) in an effort to stop government’s reported examination of its bank accounts over suspected money laundering activities, and secure an order declaring all records and information obtained from this examination as “inadmissible” in any proceeding.

In a 44-page petition for certiorari and prohibition filed last March 11, the Subido Pagente Certeza Mendoza and Binay Law Offices (SPCMB Law), the law firm representing the vice-president and one of his close allies and alleged dummy, businessman Antonio Tiu, urged the high court to stop the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) from proceeding with its examination and scrutiny of SPCMB Law’s bank accounts. SPCMB Law asked the high court to declare unconstitutional the Anti-Money Laundering Act, in so far as it allows the examination of bank accounts “in any way related to a money laundering offense” without giving notice to the respondent(s).

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DILG says Junjun Binay still suspended

This was funny

At 3:09 pm, the DILG said it received a notice of the CA resolution stopping the implementation of the Ombudsman’s preventive suspension order against Binay.

“The order of the Ombudsman has already been carried out; hence, there is nothing to restrain,” the DILG said.

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People Who Use Firefox or Chrome Are Better Employees — The Atlantic

That said, Housman notes that browser choice isn’t something that Cornerstone’s clients consider when hiring—that’d be seen as too intrusive. They do, however, track other variables that correlate with high rates of employee retention. Giving employees raises can help, but their positive effects dissolve after about a month. More important is getting along with one’s boss, which is more responsible for getting people to stick around than all of the other variables combined.

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