Salamat PNoy 2021 06 27

I am still in despair. I feel as if I lost a dear friend. as an introvert I’ve always been drawn to quiet workers such as PNoy and Mar.

2009 was about two years into my career. I was actively interviewing for positions overseas. I wanted to get out as I felt then as I now feel once again that the Philippines, that Filipinos are a cursed people.

PNoy made me stay. Here was a person who was always being asked to serve, to do more. How can someone who has benefitted so much (PSHS/UP) from the country abandon her now when it was so very easy to do so.

I have only regretted my decision during the genocidal president’s term.

I must now always remind myself. The Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for, the Filipino is worth fighting for.

RIP and Salamat PNoy.

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