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in the spirit of Brad Delong‘s Why Oh Why Can’t We Have A Better Press Corp!

The article is partly confusing or badly written.

the key paragraph to understand the way the writer tried to sensationalise this is

He said the research could lead to new training programmes – mental therapies or “push-ups” or medications to make others just as good at dealing with extreme stress.

“So much so we’re now getting to the point where we might be able to train people to do better under high stress and there might be ways to augment their hormonal system, mental health push ups might help to better deal with that stress.”

He said that it was not that the “heroes” were not scared but they just did not exhibit signs of panic.

and from the title

Heroes are born not made, scientists claim

Heroes are born not made, a study claims after it found some people just naturally have more grace under fire.

<Emphasis and underline mine>

They should have posted the actual statements of the study. for all we know  Dr Aikins may be claiming this but from my reading of the article he was just saying some people are biologically well suited to handle stress! Maybe i am wrong but I believe i am closer to the truth here!

read the telegraph article here:

Heroes are born, not made

Professor Deane Aikins, a psychiatrist at Yale University, said a small minority of individuals remain cool even in the most stressful circumstances.

His findings, based on research with the military, found that some individuals did not panic because their body naturally protected them.

Unlike the majority of people who were flooded with a stress hormone, they had much lower levels and also showed signs of another hormone that actually calmed them down.

Chris Blattman’s Blog: Heroes are born, not made.

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