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Marginal Revolution: Timing

I thought this was a trick question and I first thought go backward because most people would think going forward means friday, but when I realized they are the same I was thinking whatever!


Let’s say a meeting, originally scheduled for Wednesday, has been moved forward two days. What is the new day of the meeting?

That’s a question from Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing. The answer says a lot about how you implicitly think about time.

If you think it’s Friday, you imagine time as something you move through. If you think it’s Monday, you think of time as something that passes by you.

According to this research, a bit sketchy it seems to me, Friday people tend to be angrier. FYI, I’m a Monday person (it took me some time to see the question could have another answer!).

via Marginal Revolution: Timing.

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