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Learned::Ezra Klein – The behavioral economics of Thanksgiving

“Move to chopsticks!” he exclaimed, making bites smaller and harder to take. If the chopsticks are a bit extreme, smaller plates and utensils might work the same way. Study after study shows that people eat more when they have more in front of them. It’s one of our predictable irrationalities: We judge portions by how much is left rather than how full we feel. Smaller portions lead us to eat less, even if we can refill the plate.

via Ezra Klein – The behavioral economics of Thanksgiving.

I bought a box containing 40 pcs of california maki about two months ago. I couldn’t get over the fact that after only 15 pieces I was so full. People who have seen me eat know that I can eat alot. It really surprised me. I knew the reason must be psychological/cognitive.  Maybe I can use this while I’m dieting!

FYI: I gained alot of pounds because of my Mindanao vacation. I still can’t get over how many eat all you can’s Cagayan De Oro has, or how any where you look most barbecue or grill has unlimited rice in Davao. Must exercise, Must Diet!


We don’t have thanksgiving here in the Philippines but that is no reason to snatch a holiday and thank the people who have made my life great!

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, my brother and sister for supporting me during the times when life makes me want to give up.

To my friends who always has a ready ear to hear my next crazy idea or to be my devils advocate or even bully me when either pride or self-doubt , fear or craziness is enveloping me.

To the people in the internet who have brought countless joys to my used to be boring life.

To the people who continue to show kindness without expecting anything in return, you renew my faith in people.

To God who is my pillar and happiness!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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