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rePost::OAP: ” Top 5 Awesome Travel Experiences in 2010!” | OUR AWESOME PLANET

There are only two types of Pinoys in the country: those who prefer to travel to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong Disneyland for vacation because it seems more economically convenient to do so, and those Pinoys who have fallen in love with the Philippines and have committed to discovering its beauty and hidden gems, proud to put local exploration before foreign travel. So, which one are you?

via OAP: ” Top 5 Awesome Travel Experiences in 2010!” | OUR AWESOME PLANET.

Excellent list of places to visit in the Philippines!

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Going to Kuala Lumpur!

Official seal of Kuala Lumpur
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I just booked tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Now just have to find return flights either from singapore or from KL.

Chuck is presenting a paper in June on an asian math conference and he invited me to tag along.

I didn’t even bat an eye! Yes!!!

I’m singing to my self right now! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it come on come one! YEAH!

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