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The West Wing (tv show) Reminiscence – Sonia Sotomayor edition

I remember this The West Wing scene where toby is elated with having someone confirmed as judge., and strangely the scene where president bartlett talks with a very old supreme court judge slowly becoming senile, the judge says “Who can you get me?,  I need someone who ahs a body of work….. I am much better than them in my worst days (on talking about anyone that bartlett can get confirmed)”. Strangely,  I feel that Sonia Sotomayor can actually pass mustard with that judge.

Kudos to the obama whitehouse, we take the victories that we can. Hope the honorable

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Learned Today: Marginal Revolution: Utah (Montana) fact of the day

Utah county boundaries
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Utah (Montana) fact of the day

This one concerns adult entertainment:

Dividing state subscription counts by the FCC’s Broadband Deployment quantities, the most-subscribing state is Utah (where 5.47 of every 1,000 broadband households subscribed to the service at issue), while the least-subscribing state is Montana (1.92 per 1000 broadband households).

Marginal Revolution: Utah (Montana) fact of the day.


my comment at the post:

I was originally thinking walras’ law but I think substitutes are more like it. Just as the other have already pointed. Although I sense a certain confirmation bias in all our comments concerning Utah.

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