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Learned Today: If It’s Hard To Say, It Must Be Risky

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These results show that people consistently classify difficult to pronounce items as risky, and this is the case for both undesirable risks (such as getting sick on a roller coaster or hazardous food additive) as well as desirable risks (such as an adventurous amusement park ride). These findings also suggest that risk perception may be influenced by the way the items are presented – if they are difficult to process (such as hard to pronounce names), they will be viewed as being inherently riskier. The authors note that these findings are relevant for risk communication and they suggest that difficult product names “may alert consumers to the risks posed by potentially hazardous products, possibly motivating them to pay closer attention to warnings and instructions.”

If It’s Hard To Say, It Must Be Risky.

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Philippine Stimulus

Seems Congress is prepairing 100 billion peso stimulus package, roughly 5 percent of nominal GDP, not bad in scale, but I haven’t seen any of the details.(Can’t seem to find an online copy). As usual opposition makes noise because corruption would probably eat most of the stimulus, and recent reports suggests that they are going to use money from the SSS and GSIS. This is frankly scary because this is shadowing/mimicking what happened in the pre-need crisis early this decade. The GSIS and SSS do not have as large an endowement to begin with and it is probably not a good idea to enter investments they do not have any experience with. (I am reading reports that they plan on investing in infrastructure projects, which is very scary, because most of these projects are just not profitable in a purely financial sense, rather they are profitable in a societal utility sense.)

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