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This makes me wonder what is far stronger the need to signal what you are reading or the ability to hide what you are reading?? See, I’ve read a few books that I’d call my guilty indulgences, books I wouldn’t read in public or without their covers covered. And yes if you look at my desk I have a couple of these books, and with the ability to hide them effectively they would comprise a larger percentage of the books I own.

I wonder if Kindle advocates are underestimating how important it is for people to show those around them not just that they like to read, but also what they like to read?

via Marginal Revolution: Tom Foster on the Kindle.

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Best Read-Resume Cover Of a Startup, Employee??–Dashnine Media » I (may) need a new job because my boss is a jerk

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Read the whole thing . I’d have to say after a 12 hour work day, with only a 30 minute lunch and a couple of breaks I felt a surge while reading this. Although I am not working for a startup.

Dear _________,

I’m writing to express an interest to interview with your company. I may need to leave my current situation. I know its against convention to trash my last employer when applying for a job. If you read this, I think you’ll understand and excuse my behavior.

For six months I’ve worked under the promise of an eventual pay off. To date, I’ve received minimal compensation for my efforts. The past three months, I’ve worked 12-14 hour days six days a week and my boss expects me to “stick it out” for success that may or may not come. I know the hours for a fact. When I had trouble getting things done he made me account in writing

Dashnine Media » I (may) need a new job because my boss is a jerk.

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