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Had To Share::Lessons Learned: Fear is the mind-killer

This resonated with me alot. I get lost alot. This is why I tell people when we get lost , “Don’t Panic I’m An Expert At Getting Lost!”. This is also why I think It I feel comfortable going to places only with a certain type of personality. The Fuck I Dont Care Types of people. See i’ve been lost too many times to fear being lost. I take it as a truth that there are good people everywhere, some have more, some have only a few, but Everywhere I’ve been lost I’ve always found special people to help me.  To be honest I also do some stuff to minimize the effects of being lost, which means almost always bringing emergency money, and being prepared to walk tens of miles to get home is definitely a way to minimize the fear of being lost.

The specific advice is about developing software and I have to confess that I use to fear programming a lot. I use to have a lot of paranoia with screwing up the computer. I eventually outgrew this by a combination of the stated techniques below. nice article all in all!

The interesting thing about fear is that to reduce it requires two contradictory impulses. First, we can reduce fear by mitigating the consequences of failure. If we construct areas where experimentation is less costly, we can feel safer and therefore try new things. On the other hand, the second main way to reduce fear is to engage in the feared activity more often. By pushing the envelope, we can challenge our assumptions about consequences and get better at what we fear at the same time. Thus, it is sometimes a good idea to reduce fear by slowing down, and sometimes a good idea to reduce fear by speeding up.

via Lessons Learned: Fear is the mind-killer.

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