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-rePost-Welcome to Jeepney Tours – Discover the best of Manila with Jeepneytours

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This looks interesting! might try this sometime this summer!

Welcome to Manila Allow us to provide you with more than a great way to travel around the capital onboard a cultural icon of the Philippines, the Jeepney

The Jeepney is a unique transportation that can only be found in the Philippines. It was originally made from the US military jeeps that were left to the Filipinos after World War II, giving it the powerful engine of an army jeep. Due to Filipino ingenuity, the body was remodeled by adding some metal roofs and decorating it with vibrant colors. It has rapidly emerged as a creative and popular means of public transportation.

To allow the travelers to enjoy a more comfortable ride, we custom-made a luxurious 20-seater jeepney equipped with air conditioner, cooler and a tour facilitator. In the event of a traffic jam, fret not as we have a videoke system onboard to keep you entertained during the entire duration of your trip

The Jeepney Tours is an essential introduction to Manila in a fun and informative way and it links you to the attractions of the city. We invite you to experience all the magical sights and sounds of Manila in an entertaining, comfortable and secure environment.

You cannot say that you’ve been to Manila if you don’t ride a Jeepney

Travel with us and discover the best of Manila

Jeepney Features:

• Airconditioned Jeepney

• 20 seating capacity

• Videoke system onboard

• Cooler

Welcome to Jeepney Tours – Discover the best of Manila with Jeepneytours.

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rePost:Nice Post on Robot Morality:Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The artificial morality of the robot warrior

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Personally I think they need to read the I,Robot novels.

The artificial morality of the robot warrior

February 21, 2009

Great strides have been made in recent years in the development of combat robots. The US military has deployed ground robots, aerial robots, marine robots, stationary robots, and (reportedly) space robots. The robots are used for both reconnaissance and fighting, and further rapid advances in their design and capabilities can be expected in the years ahead. One consequence of these advances is that robots will gain more autonomy, which means they will have to act in uncertain situations without direct human instruction. That raises a large and thorny challenge: how do you program a robot to be an ethical warrior?

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The artificial morality of the robot warrior.

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INQUIRER.net Breaking News » Lump sum only for living WWII vets

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This is great news for those still living and probably scornful for those who have already left but still has surviving spouses. Something is better than nothing. On a personal note, my grandfather never accepted anything pensions etc, he was a WW2 veteran, He used to tell me he did it because of his duty to the country and not for anything else, that may sentimentality is impractical but I confess being an impractical man (sometimes)

Lump sum only for living WWII vets

February 17, 2009 1:26 PM

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Veronica Uy


MANILA, Philippines — Only living Filipino World War II veterans will receive the lump sum payments from the United States, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs section of the American embassy said Tuesday.

“The bill has not yet been signed into law. All we know is that only live Filipino veterans who served in World War II or who have military service are entitled to [the payments], not their surviving spouse. That is our instruction from the central office,” veterans’ representative Kristine Parayno said in a phone interview with INQUIRER.net.

Parayno said their office has not yet received the list of those who can avail of the payments of the procedures for filing claims.

The US Congress passed on Friday President Barack Obama’s $787-billion stimulus package, which included a $198-million allocation for the Filipino veterans.

The bill, which is scheduled to be signed Tuesday in Denver, would grant $9,000 to Filipino veterans living outside the US and $15,000 to those living there.

INQUIRER.net Breaking News » Lump sum only for living WWII vets.

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