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rePost::The Future Is Here, It Is Just Not Easily Distributed (Iran Edition)

uthor Walter Jon Williams says that he has an unimportant problem toay:

Angel Station: Watching My Uncompleted Novel Go Down in Flames: There is a scene just like this in the novel I’m working on. My whole novel is playing itself out before my very eyes. All its specialness and wonderfulness, coolness and invention is curling up and dying in fire, as if one of the incendiaries from Fahrenheit 451 found it before I could even finish it. The Twitter Revolution in Moldova was bad enough, but at least it didn’t get a lot of coverage over here, and most Americans never heard of Moldova. Iran is different. I feel like all those guys who were working on Cold War novels when the Wall fell.

The parade of demonstrators in Tehran today was nine kilometers long. It’s a People Power revolution fired up by social media— you don’t get a crowd that big by sticking up posters on lamp posts. (Does the use of Twitter in Iran somehow absolve it of totally sucking?) Hackers are also proving useful, by attacking Iranian government web sites. (But be careful, script kiddies of the world— you don’t want to bring the whole system down.)

And he has a recommendation for what you can do to help the people with serious problems:

If you want to turn your computer into a proxy server to help Iranians avoid government roadblocks, “Austin Heap” provides instructions here. Be sure to read the disclaimers. I’d do this myself, but I have to admit that it’s all beyond my competence.

via The Future Is Here, It Is Just Not Easily Distributed (Iran Edition).

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rePost:Worst Business Idea Ever? : Why is Dubai in so much trouble? | FP Passport

This is a photo showing the Marina 1 complex, ...
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Got this from fp, its actually from boing boing!

Why is Dubai in so much trouble?

Wed, 02/18/2009 – 2:49pm

Great rant from blogger David Galbraith via Boing Boing:

Short of opening a Radio Shack in an Amish town, Dubai is the world’s worst business idea and there isn’t even any oil. Imagine proposing to build Vegas in a place where sex and drugs and rock and roll are an anathema. This is effectively the proposition that created Dubai – it was a stupid idea before the crash, and now it is dangerous.

Why is Dubai in so much trouble? | FP Passport.

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