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Director of one of my all time faves : Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


How do you get your head free from work when you’re finished?

Just hanging out with my son is incredible, so when I have some time off I try to catch up on my duties as a father. He lives with me and I love spending my time with him. Once a week or so we go to see a movie together. When I do things with my son I realize that I am actually not working.

Nevertheless you go and see movies with him. Can you step back from being a director and simply enjoy a movie?

Yes I can enjoy it. But it’s true it is a very complex problem. It is different because my son has a less critical approach to movies than me. He enjoys going to see a movie as part of the audience. Sometimes I know I won’t like the movie we are going to see, but he gets upset with me and tells me to just enjoy going to the movies. So sometimes I don’t tell him my opinion, but on the other hand sometimes we have the same taste. It’s funny, when he wants to piss me off he tells me I am a bad director and that Quentin Tarantino is much better than me. I hate it when he says that!

Because of your ego or because you don’t like Tarantino?

He forced me to go see Kill Bill Vol. 2 and I walked out of it, just like every time I go and see a movie by Quentin, besides Pulp Fiction – I finished that one. But all the others are too mean for me. I mean, he is a brilliant director, much more skilled than me. You see great performances, great images. Everything is great, only the message is dangerous. It’s all revenge and vengeance, about being mean and cynical. I would almost say that these movies are not made for my son, but it is exa

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rePost::Comparing the 1990s and the 2000s: What Our Movies Say About Us | /Film

I was thinking of my – what was my favorite movie of the decade? It was “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry. And I was trying to think what that film thematically says about the…aughts, and I think that the idea of the tension between reality and fantasy has gotten more pronounced in the last decade, and the ways in which – the movie is sort of like a Philip K. Dick paranoid fever-dream wedded to a screwball romance. And there’s no way it could happened, the technology wouldn’t have allowed it, and the sensibility wouldn’t have allowed it in any other decade.

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