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Better Class Of Politicians and A Better Press Corp please:: GMANews.TV – Ex-sexy star Aleck Bovick lightens up Senate mood – Entertainment – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA

Ex-sexy star Aleck Bovick lightens up Senate mood


05/18/2009 | 10:24 PM

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MANILA, Philippines – Former sexy actress Aleck Bovick had a share of the limelight, albeit short, during the Senate session Monday.

The name of Bovick came up after Senator Loren Legarda delivered a speech on the alleged racial slur by Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin against Filipinos.

Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri referred her speech to the Committee on Women.

Senate Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, who is presiding the session, asked Zubiri in jest if he was referring to Aleck Bovick.

Zubiri replied: “I know Aleck Bovick is a personal friend of yours but [we are referring to] Alec Baldwin.”

via GMANews.TV – Ex-sexy star Aleck Bovick lightens up Senate mood – Entertainment – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA.

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The Office’s Pam and Jim And John Mayer’s Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

I just love The Office. It’s just one of those things that hehehe, Let’s just say I know I am irritating a few of my friends when I say you have to watch The Office. I’ll post something longish about what what I like about The Office!

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There Is But One Race…So Say We All-

There Is But One Race…So Say We All–

I don’t know why but I feel I am in a precarious emotional state right now, so take these words with a grain of salt,

I loved this video!

Edward James Olmos, on his authority as Admiral of the Battlestar Galactica, tells the assembled crowd at the United Nations there is no race but the human race (so say we all).

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GMANews.TV – Sleepy student barred from taking final exams – Odds and Ends – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA

City of Manila
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There was not a single class that I didn’t sleep on in college. The problem was I had this bad habit of sitting in the first or second row. If I had professors as easily offended as the one in this article , I would not have passed any of my subject! Hehe, good thing I had such wonderful professors!

Sleepy student barred from taking final exams

AIE BALAGTAS SEE, GMANews.TV 03/19/2009 | 11:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A second-year college student in Manila was barred from taking the final examinations by her professor after she was caught sleeping during a lecture, a television report said Thursday.

In his report on GMA News’ “24 Oras,” JP Soriano said Elizabeth Balitaan, a student of La Consolacion College, has admitted falling asleep while her Finance professor Ronald Pastrana was lecturing, but said it was due to a headache.

Balitaan said she tried talking to Pastrana but he refused to listen to her.

“Kinausap ko na po siya. Sinundan ko siya sa Dean’s Office tapos hindi niya ako pinansin. Tapos failed na daw po ako [kasi] parang nakakabastos daw ang ginawa ko,” Balitaan said.

[I tried talking to him but he won’t listen to me. He told me to consider myself failed for sleeping in the class.]

Balitaan was later allowed to take the exam by the school administration, the report said.

The incident however upset Balitaan’s mother, who went to see Pastrana to discuss the problem.

Pastrana, for his part, said he did not allow Balitaan to take the examination because she missed a lot in the lecture.

via GMANews.TV – Sleepy student barred from taking final exams – Odds and Ends – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA.

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Better Class Of Politicians:Calling BS on Escudero:Escudero: Gov’t should take over MRT – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

The Philippine senator Francis "Chiz&quot...
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Escudero is either trying to appear more stupid everyday, or someone has kidnapped him and replaced him with a small intellect, will do say anything to get in the news papers guy. First there was this stupid comment on educational system of the Philippines  (writeup from a blogger here), now we have these stupid comments on ghost riders.

Escudero: Gov’t should take over MRT

By Maila Ager INQUIRER.net First Posted 22:26:00 03/17/2009

MANILA, PhilippinesSenator Francis Escudero on Tuesday called on government to take over the Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRT) instead of spending millions of pesos on “ghost riders.”

Hate it when politician pretend to be stupid, as I assume he is trying to do, the previous statements basically sidesteps the BOT scheme that the government got into, this is the real reason that the government is spending millions, they guaranteed return now we have to bear with the program.

Escudero said his calculations indicate that the government shells out a subsidy of about P42 per passenger, computed against the amount of public funds funneled into the MRT.

I think the figure is not that far of although a little in the small side.

“It is like paying for almost three riders more at the current fare…of the MRT, which on the average, is P14 per passenger. The government is paying for riders who are non-existent,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

The worlds that were emphasized is what really got me riled up. First this is a mischaracterization of the problem, why? You see what the government is actually doing is subsidizing the people who use the MRT. I’ve been aware of this subsidy for a long time, that’s why when I started working in ortigas I took the mrt whenever I am in a good mood enough to brave the crowds. Why? simply put  42 pesos for a ride at two rides per day at a conservative figure for days worked per month of 20 gives us a monthly subsidy of about 1680 per month which is a non trivial part of the taxes paid by people earning less than 20 thousand pesos per month, which based on the median monthly earnings of filipino workers constitute a large block of people.

Riding the MRT made me feel that in some ways at least for me the Government is having a Neutral to Beneficial effects on me.

Now based on the useless hearings in the senate and congress and all the useless government expenditure that the government lavishes on a whole class of people in this country I think that people like me, People who actually earn their keep , pay their taxes etc have a right to at least be given small services such as the mrt.

I’ll exercise some inner rantiness and plain petiness and simply say,

“In some ways you could close the senate and congress and probably we wouldn’t even notice, but close down the MRT or other govt services that actually work and we notice right away  “

“The MRT has long been bailed out by the government. While its coaches are always full, its coffers are always empty,” Escudero said, noting the government spent P579 million in 2007 and P618 million in 2008 to subsidize the mass rail transit system.

In fairness to the senator I suspect that he knows all of this and is just trying to find a way to communicate things effectively to the Filipino people.

My real problem is that instead of using this as an opportunity to increase the level of debate in our country he goes down to the level everyone has already been accustomed to, an interpretation of reality that is far from grounded in facts.

I can’t end in a bitter note so I’ll post what I believe Chiz got right:

Aside from these, Escudero said the MRT has a maintenance contract with a Japanese firm, which he described as “onerous” compared to what the Light Rail Transit Authority pays for the upkeep of the two lines it runs.

He said the MRT has a high maintenance contract with a Japanese firm, which is onerous if compared with lower fees the LRTA is paying for the upkeep of its two lines.

“To top it all, MRT’s debt carries a high 12.5 percent to 15 percent annual interest rate,” Escudero said.

He said it would be better if the government simply took over and ran the MRT.

Taking a line from alot of liberal bloggers/commentators is not a crime especially if it is so apt in this situation. This is what he should have emphasized.

“If we own it, then let’s run it. And let it be a reminder that when it comes to private-public ventures, never again should we end up privatizing profits while debts are nationalized,” he said.via Escudero: Gov’t should take over MRT – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

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Better Press Corp:Reuters and Inquirer Edition:Business – World economy to shrink below zero – INQUIRER.net

Reuters Group Limited
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I’ve got a beef with this title! World Economy to shrink below zero is obviously eye catching. You have a feeling that it is about growth but you have to read the second paragraph to be sure. This is shoddy writing!

World economy to shrink below zero

Reuters First Posted 15:12:00 03/10/2009

Filed Under: Unemployment, Economy and Business and Finance, World Financial Crisis

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania – (UPDATE) The world economy is likely to shrink to “below zero” this year, in what many are now referring to as the “Great Recession,” the head of the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

Business – World economy to shrink below zero – INQUIRER.net.

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rePost:Draconian Anti Internet Free Speech Laws in Thailand:Global Voices Online » Thailand: Web director arrested for “allowing offensive comments”

Hot And Sweaty Thai
Image by longhairthai.com via Flickr

I find te thai a wonderful people full of warmth and hospitality(next to Filipinos). It is sad that the Thai people still live under such draconian oppressive laws, although I understand why there are laws such as these, a kind of command responsibility concept, It is unfortunate that the government does not realize that the price for responsibility is more than the pound of flesh they exact on the service providers . They are stiffling that which makes humans unique. Thought and creativity.

In Thailand, there is a “draconian” computer crime bill that states that any service provider who deliberately let a third party post anything that violates the law is also subject to the same liability as the person who committed the offense. Excerpts from the 2007 Computer Crime Act which the Prachatai editor allegedly violated:

Global Voices Online » Thailand: Web director arrested for “allowing offensive comments”.

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