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Wish List: Google Nexus Note or Apple Note

I’ve used galaxy note by borrowing from friends who own one and am really impressed with it. My only real problem with the galaxy note is that samsung does software support like I do upper cut hook straight, which is not very well.

I believe I am of the class of users who know what they want and would rather just not use an incomplete device . I hate complaining too much about things except corruption that is.



iPhone 6 and Android value — Benedict Evans

How much of an impact will these new iPhones have on that segment? There are a bunch of reasons why someone would buy a high-end Android rather than an iPhone:

Their operator subsidies an Android but not an iPhone – this has now ended, with Apple adding distribution with all the last significant hold-outs (Sprint, DoCoMo, China Mobile)

They don’t particularly care what phone they get and the salesman was on more commission to sell Androids or, more probably, Samsungs that day (and iPhones the next, of course)

They have a dislike of Apple per se – this is hard to quantify but probably pretty small, and balanced by people with a dislike of Google

They are heavily bought into the Google ecosystem

They like the customizations that are possible with Android and that have not been possible with iOS until (to a much increased extent) iOS8 (more broadly, once could characterize this as ‘personal taste’)

They want a larger screen.

Splitting these out, the first has largely gone, the second is of little value to an ecosystem player and nets out at zero (i.e. Apple gains as many indifferent users as it loses) and the third is small. Apple has now addressed the fifth and sixth, and the massive increase in third-party attach points means that Google’s ecosystem (and Facebook’s incidentally) can now push deep into iOS – if Google chooses to do so.

That is, with the iPhone 6 and iOS8, Apple has done its best to close off all the reasons to buy high-end Android beyond simple personal preference. You can get a bigger screen, you can change the keyboard, you can put widgets on the notification panel (if you insist) and so on. Pretty much all the external reasons to choose Android are addressed – what remains is personal taste.

Amongst other things, this is a major cull of Steve Jobs’ sacred cows – lots of these are decisions he was deeply involved in. No-one was quicker than Steve Jobs himself to change his mind, but it’s refreshing to see so many outdated assumptions being thrown out.

via iPhone 6 and Android value — Benedict Evans.

rePost::The $12 Startup That Was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000 – with Sean Percival | Mixergy – Online Business Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

This is a story about how an entrepreneur can build an internet business on the side. The business Sean Percival launched wasn’t meant to be the next Google. He was just trying to make some money and improve his business skills.

Sean built a site that sold customize European license plates, the kind of plates you might see on cars speeding on the Autobahn or cruising down the Champs-Elysées. As you’ll hear in this interview, he spent $12 to buy the domain, customeuropeanplates.com. Then he built the site using a free ecommerce platform. To fill and ship his orders, he partnered up with a company that was already in the business of selling license plates online. And he got customers by teaching himself search engine optimization and developing link partnerships with related sites.

He ended up selling the business — which was profitable — after Tweeting that he was thinking of selling it.

We talked in this interviewed about how he built the business, and how he built up the kind of social capital online that helped him sell his business for about $100,000 via a Tweet.

via The $12 Startup That Was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000 – with Sean Percival | Mixergy – Online Business Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs.

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Hearting Google Reader’s New Social Features

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...
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At the start of the day I have something of a ritual which involves in almost chronological order:

-Get Coffee

-Check Email, Answer only immediate and important emails, leave the rest for later

-Read RSS Feeds of  Expansion/Thinkers/Coding

-Check Unimportant/Not immediately pertinent emails

-Check Friendfeed

-Check Facebook

-Read RSS feeds from news sources (Inquirer/GMA)


-Check tasks for today.

-Check production servers applications I am supporting.

-Begin work on tasks.

All in all this takes about 1-2 hours of my workday.

I’ve recently lost internet acces to most sites I go to, thank God for google reader, still can read most posts.

So I was pleasantly surprised with the new “social features” that they have included in google reader.

As far as I can see they have made liking more open, because now people who allow other people to see their likes are showing up at the rss entry.

This is interesting because  now you can follow these people.

Following other people has been an old feature of google reader, what’s new is that it is now far easier to find people who read the same things you do.

Hope they can do this with google reader notes, and that they find a way to convince more people to read posts from rss.

I’ve been just using the new social features for a few minutes but, I can see the possibilities!

Kudos to the google reader team, I don’t know what they plan for the future but I am surely going along for  a ride!

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Learned Today:What I Want For A Business:Seth’s Blog: Where have all the agents gone?

A long conversation about two weeks ago with Chuck and Vince was about finding something to do to earn money in our free time.  Suffice to say one of my lamer ideas that night was to sell something in sites like multiply and ebay. Just realize that that is not what I want for a business, in fact I realize that even if we did something like that I would not really be satisfied with it.

See, I think I try to find my own way on most things. The paths I take may have been walked by other people but I try to be aware whenever I walk a certain path, its not about originality but about walking the path that is for you.

What irked me about my idea is that I was unwittingly selling out. I wanted to create, I wanted to walk a path for me and I’ve had this long irritation with middle men.

Why? It seems that most middle men/women I encounter can be said to bring little to no value the connection.  Let’s take the lot of  computer sellers in a mall floor. To protect myself from litigation lets call this mall SharonMall and the mall floor/part as CyberFloor. Using my totally unscientific and totally biased observations and my talent for overhearing a lot of things.

I observed that:

  • The sellers were basically just a little knowledgeable with their products than the people they are selling to.
  • The sellers who were really knowledgeable were somewhat aloof, they gave of this vibe that you were stupid trust them.
  • The best sellers were basically honest and didn’t talk down to their possible customers. (If you’ve watched 40 year old virgin, I believe).
  • A lot of people valued time and in a way this is logical, but it also meant that a lot of sellers survive on being available for the sale when the more efficient sellers are swamped.

Basically people who are not the best sellers tend to be snakes oil salespeople. I don’t want to be a snake’s oil sales men. I would like something that brings value to this world in a real sense not a rearranging the chairs. I want to create more chairs! I almost forgot that. I am glad even if I forgot about it , my friends have a higher standard than what I have. Cheers!

Middlemen add value when they bring taste or judgment or trust to bear on a transaction that isn’t transparent. Literary agents are crucial when publishers believe that their choice of content is essential but have too many choices and too little time. But publishers don’t trust every literary agent. They trust agents they believe in. Key point: anonymous agents are interchangeable and virtually worthless. Agents that don’t do anything but help one side find the other side in a human approximation of Google aren’t so helpful any more.

Think about how anonymous the typical real estate broker is. He will sell almost any house or represent almost any buyer. When selling a house, he has a fiduciary responsibility to represent that house to the best of his ability. Just like every other broker. The great real estate brokers do far more than this.

via Seth’s Blog: Where have all the agents gone?.

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Scooping the Loop Snooper — Geoffrey K. Pullum

has been illustrated
Image via Wikipedia

Halting Problem in Dr Seuss style! Quite nice! If you are unfamiliar with the halting problem read the thing and then google halting problem and click on the wikipedia link!


A proof that the Halting Problem is undecidable

Geoffrey K. Pullum

(School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh)

No general procedure for bug checks succeeds.

Now, I won’t just assert that, I’ll show where it leads:

I will prove that although you might work till you drop,

you cannot tell if computation will stop.

Scooping the Loop Snooper — Geoffrey K. Pullum.

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