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Had To Share: Great Post from leo of ZenHabits:Steps Towards a More Sustainable Life of Less | Zen Habits

This is great post from leo of zen habits, I agree with alot of his suggestions!, read the whole thing:

And while the last 70-80 years have advanced our lives in amazing ways, and there’s no doubt that the comfort and convenience of our lives have improved tremendously … we rarely stop to consider whether technology and consumerism have always changed our lives for the better.

I mean, I am as big a proponent of the miracles of the Internet as anyone, but have we given up too much of our lives that used to exist offline and outdoors? It’s great that we have such comfortable cars that can drive incredibly fast and take us anywhere we want to go in minutes … but have we thrown away the joy and the health benefits of walking places?

It’s great that we can communicate instantly from anywhere with our mobile devices, but have we given up personal face-to-face conversations and the pleasure of being outdoors, disconnected from the world?

It’s great that food is so convenient these days, but have we given up the pleasures of slow eating for fast food, the joys of cooking for microwaving, the wonders of real food for processed food?

It’s great that we can buy pretty much anything we want these days (and often do), but have we allowed the abundance of cash we’ve had (until recently, but even now we’re still pretty rich) to force us to have bigger houses just to store all our stuff?

Steps Towards a More Sustainable Life of Less | Zen Habits.

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rePost:Yearning For Dad:Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The avatar of my father

A child riding piggy-back.
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Read the quoted page, hope I can get a copy of that rolling stones issue.

The machines will capture everything: the piggyback ride to the grocery store, the bedtime reading of Tom Swift, the moment he and his father rejoiced when the letter of acceptance from MIT arrived.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The avatar of my father.

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The Food Paradox Of Our Time

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It is one of the larger paradoxes of our time that the very same food policies that have contributed to overnutrition in the first world are now contributing to undernutrition in the third. But it turns out that too much food can be nearly as big a problem as too little — a lesson we should keep in mind as we set about designing a new approach to food policy.

The Food Issue – An Open Letter to the Next Farmer in Chief – Michael Pollan – NYTimes.com.

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