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rePost:Draconian Anti Internet Free Speech Laws in Thailand:Global Voices Online » Thailand: Web director arrested for “allowing offensive comments”

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I find te thai a wonderful people full of warmth and hospitality(next to Filipinos). It is sad that the Thai people still live under such draconian oppressive laws, although I understand why there are laws such as these, a kind of command responsibility concept, It is unfortunate that the government does not realize that the price for responsibility is more than the pound of flesh they exact on the service providers . They are stiffling that which makes humans unique. Thought and creativity.

In Thailand, there is a “draconian” computer crime bill that states that any service provider who deliberately let a third party post anything that violates the law is also subject to the same liability as the person who committed the offense. Excerpts from the 2007 Computer Crime Act which the Prachatai editor allegedly violated:

Global Voices Online » Thailand: Web director arrested for “allowing offensive comments”.

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-rePost-Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street

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Thanks to Paul Wilmott for the pointer here. I learned a lot from this article by Felix Salmon and its somewhat fun to read!

In the world of finance, too many quants see only the numbers before them and forget about the concrete reality the figures are supposed to represent. They think they can model just a few years’ worth of data and come up with probabilities for things that may happen only once every 10,000 years. Then people invest on the basis of those probabilities, without stopping to wonder whether the numbers make any sense at all.

As Li himself said of his own model: “The most dangerous part is when people believe everything coming out of it.”

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street.

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rePost:Vesess » The Second Age of SMEs

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Explains why the authors think that the present financial crisis is the start of the Second Age of SME’s. Excellent read.

Think small. Think efficient. Share the returns.

The point we’re trying to make, however, is that in an economic climate like this, only a SME could afford to offer such discounts, and that it is precisely this ability that will enable such businesses to flourish despite the problems we face. For the first time in years, small businesses have the ability to truly shine, and we’d love to hear how some of our fellow players are using small and efficient business practices to attract customers and grow, despite everything going on around them.

Vesess » The Second Age of SMEs.

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Learned Today: Marginal Revolution: Utah (Montana) fact of the day

Utah county boundaries
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Utah (Montana) fact of the day

This one concerns adult entertainment:

Dividing state subscription counts by the FCC’s Broadband Deployment quantities, the most-subscribing state is Utah (where 5.47 of every 1,000 broadband households subscribed to the service at issue), while the least-subscribing state is Montana (1.92 per 1000 broadband households).

Marginal Revolution: Utah (Montana) fact of the day.


my comment at the post:

I was originally thinking walras’ law but I think substitutes are more like it. Just as the other have already pointed. Although I sense a certain confirmation bias in all our comments concerning Utah.

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Going to Kuala Lumpur!

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I just booked tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Now just have to find return flights either from singapore or from KL.

Chuck is presenting a paper in June on an asian math conference and he invited me to tag along.

I didn’t even bat an eye! Yes!!!

I’m singing to my self right now! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it come on come one! YEAH!

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