The West Wing (tv show) Reminiscence – Sonia Sotomayor edition

I remember this The West Wing scene where toby is elated with having someone confirmed as judge., and strangely the scene where president bartlett talks with a very old supreme court judge slowly becoming senile, the judge says “Who can you get me?,  I need someone who ahs a body of work….. I am much […]


Can’t We All Just Get Along–Where is the love? — Crooked Timber

Image via Wikipedia A part of me was reluctant to post this (I found this January 9), But then I realized nobody reads this blog and what the hell! Great read, in the same vein as the previous post about this same issue. I think if the revolutionary Jesus of the New Testament ever thought […]

READ MORE Breaking News » Lump sum only for living WWII vets

Image by CaDeltaFoto via Flickr This is great news for those still living and probably scornful for those who have already left but still has surviving spouses. Something is better than nothing. On a personal note, my grandfather never accepted anything pensions etc, he was a WW2 veteran, He used to tell me he did […]


Philippine Stimulus

Seems Congress is prepairing 100 billion peso stimulus package, roughly 5 percent of nominal GDP, not bad in scale, but I haven’t seen any of the details.(Can’t seem to find an online copy). As usual opposition makes noise because corruption would probably eat most of the stimulus, and recent reports suggests that they are going […]


Matthew Yglesias » Life Imitates Art Imitating Life

nice to know though it was in president Bartlett’s term and not in Matt Santos‘ Life Imitates Art Imitating Life From reader AB: 1998: Josh Lyman is modeled after Rahm Emanuel. 2004: Matt Santos is modeled after Barack Obama 2006: Matt Santos wins the presidency, and appoints Josh Lyman his Chief of Staff 2008: Barack […]