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Wish List: Google Nexus Note or Apple Note

I’ve used galaxy note by borrowing from friends who own one and am really impressed with it. My only real problem with the galaxy note is that samsung does software support like I do upper cut hook straight, which is not very well.

I believe I am of the class of users who know what they want and would rather just not use an incomplete device . I hate complaining too much about things except corruption that is.



iPhone 6 and Android value — Benedict Evans

How much of an impact will these new iPhones have on that segment? There are a bunch of reasons why someone would buy a high-end Android rather than an iPhone:

Their operator subsidies an Android but not an iPhone – this has now ended, with Apple adding distribution with all the last significant hold-outs (Sprint, DoCoMo, China Mobile)

They don’t particularly care what phone they get and the salesman was on more commission to sell Androids or, more probably, Samsungs that day (and iPhones the next, of course)

They have a dislike of Apple per se – this is hard to quantify but probably pretty small, and balanced by people with a dislike of Google

They are heavily bought into the Google ecosystem

They like the customizations that are possible with Android and that have not been possible with iOS until (to a much increased extent) iOS8 (more broadly, once could characterize this as ‘personal taste’)

They want a larger screen.

Splitting these out, the first has largely gone, the second is of little value to an ecosystem player and nets out at zero (i.e. Apple gains as many indifferent users as it loses) and the third is small. Apple has now addressed the fifth and sixth, and the massive increase in third-party attach points means that Google’s ecosystem (and Facebook’s incidentally) can now push deep into iOS – if Google chooses to do so.

That is, with the iPhone 6 and iOS8, Apple has done its best to close off all the reasons to buy high-end Android beyond simple personal preference. You can get a bigger screen, you can change the keyboard, you can put widgets on the notification panel (if you insist) and so on. Pretty much all the external reasons to choose Android are addressed – what remains is personal taste.

Amongst other things, this is a major cull of Steve Jobs’ sacred cows – lots of these are decisions he was deeply involved in. No-one was quicker than Steve Jobs himself to change his mind, but it’s refreshing to see so many outdated assumptions being thrown out.

via iPhone 6 and Android value — Benedict Evans.

Why I Don’t Use Safari::iTWire – Mac hacked in under 10 seconds at PWN2OWN

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from here:

Mac hacked in under 10 seconds at PWN2OWN E-mail

by by Davey Winder

So just how secure is your Apple computer now that Mac hacker supremo Charlie Miller has broken into a MacBook in less than 10 seconds?

The annual CanSecWest PWN2OWN competition is always guaranteed to grab a few headlines and spark off another OS Wars flame. Last year security researcher Charlie Miller managed to hack a Mac in a rather astonishing two minutes flat.

This year he pulled off the same feat to win the contest, the MacBook he hacked and a US $5000 prize. Well the same feat but a lot quicker: how does Mac hacked in under 10 seconds grab you as a headline?

Although full extent of what the hack entailed remain a little sketchy, with Miller refusing to reveal the vulnerability details at this time, it is known that both the MacBook and the version of

The reason for that lack of detail would appear to wrapped up in the fact that the cash prize also took the form of a payment from the competition sponsor,

Obviously the whole cracked in 10 seconds thing is worrying, but just how worried should you be if you are a Mac or Safari user? Truth be told, I am not convinced that this is as big a deal as it sounds.

Yes, any vulnerability needs investigating. But the under 10 seconds thing was only achieved because Miller simply provided a

Miller says that he provided the link, the judges clicked it and he then showed them he had full control of the MacBook concerned.


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