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rePost:Truth Is Usually A Dangerous Concept, But For Tex It Was Natural – Lakernoise

Hope you can read the whole thing! I was choking up while reading this!. To be a good man, a dream , probably just a dream!

Truth Is Usually A Dangerous Concept, But For Tex It Was Natural

Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” was right. Most people can’t handle the truth. Most people are so fearful of the truth, they need to get drunk just to slur a few words of it. If they dare speak the truth, they feel they have to get up on the pulpit and preach it. That’s about the only way they can manage to deliver it. They definitely don’t want to look people in the eye and say what they think.

via Truth Is Usually A Dangerous Concept, But For Tex It Was Natural – Lakernoise.

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Right To Live-Wedding Ring Freakonomics

Sean Penn
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We must revise our views and accept they way people want to live. This is especially true for cases that does not entail an adverse effect against any thing but our sensibilities. We must not deny people the right to find their happiness if it does not directly affect our happiness in any meaningful way.  Part of me hated making Sean Penn win the Best Actor award at the 81’st Academy Awards for political reasons (Mickey Rourke was really that good!), and I feared that it may be the reason the Slumdog Would lose the Best Picture awards, TGFT. But prop * was California’s black eye and till they find a way to redeem themselves they would always feel shamed with what they weren’t able to prevent!

My Wedding Ring

By Ian Ayres

With great joy, I decided to put my wedding ring back on my finger this past weekend.

I had stopped wearing my ring because I was slightly embarrassed to live in a state where people like my sister couldn’t marry the people they love.

But I have no reason now to be embarrassed on this score, because on Friday the Connecticut Supreme Court struck down the statutory exclusion. You can read Justice Palmer’s opinion here. (Disclosure: An amicus brief was filed in the case on behalf of me and other Connecticut law professors, and my spouse, Jennifer Gerarda Brown, was the co-author of another amicus brief.)

My Wedding Ring – Freakonomics – Opinion – New York Times Blog.

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rePost:Academy Awards Schedule and Nominees List 2009 :2009 Academy Awards Winners | /Film

The image of the Academy Award Oscar presented...
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Tonight we will be covering the 81st Academy Award live beginning at 5:00pm pt / 8:00pm et. For now, please leave your predictions in the comments below!

Here is the planned schedule according to Cinemascopian:

2009 Academy Awards Winners | /Film.

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Oh Why Cant We Have A Better Press Corp. – Oscars best actress nominees – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Actress Melissa Leo
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A Little Proof reading/Fact Checking Please. Kate Winslet was nominated for “The Reader”. I’ve had long talks with chuck about this, but If we can’t trust the press with simple things like these, How can we trust them with the bigger issues and the hard stuff that they have to get right? Oh Why Cant We Have A Better Press Corp.

Oscars best actress nominees

Agence France-Presse

First Posted 22:01:00 01/22/2009

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BEVERLY HILLS—Best actress nominees for the 81st Academy Awards announced Thursday:

• Kate Winslet “Revolutionary Road”

Meryl Streep “Doubt”

Anne HathawayRachel Getting Married

Angelina Jolie “Changeling”

Melissa LeoFrozen River

Oscars best actress nominees – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

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