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Part of me always hated taking any exam, that’s why this kind of hits home for me.  More on this later!

The U.S. system may be too lax when it comes to rigor and memorization, but it is very good at developing the critical faculties of the mind. It is surely this quality that goes some way in explaining why the United States produces so many entrepreneurs, inventors, and risk takers. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, until recently Singapore’s minister of education, explains the difference between his country’s system and that of the United States: “We both have meritocracies,” Shanmugaratnam says. “Yours is a talent meritocracy, ours is an exam meritocracy. We know how to train people to take exams. You know how to use people’s talents to the fullest. Both are important, but there are some parts of the intellect that we are not able to test well — like creativity, curiosity, a sense of adventure, ambition. Most of all, America has a culture of learning that challenges conventional wisdom, even if it means challenging authority.” This is one reason that Singaporean officials recently visited U.S. schools to learn how to create a system that nurtures and rewards ingenuity, quick thinking, and problem solving. “Just by watching, you can see students are more engaged, instead of being spoon-fed all day,” one Singaporean visitor told The Washington Post. While the United States marvels at Asia’s test-taking skills, Asian governments come to the United States to figure out how to get their children to think.

Fareed Zakaria

Word Of The Day 2008 04 28!

Pizzled: from here:

I actually try to never do this, My policy is that the person who I’m with deserves more attention than a text message or a phone call. I try to do this because the only person whom I have really any control of Is me. Let others be insensitive, I live my way!

The feeling you get when someone whips out their Blackberry aka crackberry or cell phone and begins having a conversation with someone. It’s a cross between pissed off and puzzled.

I was pizzled the other night when my husband started talking on his Crackberry at the dinner table.

A Poem About Seeking and Finding!

from TED here:

I enjoyed the TED talk, do try to view the 18 minute talk!

a poem I transcribed from the TED talk!

He who seeks truth shall find beauty
He who seeks beauty shall find vanity
He who seeks order shall find gratification
He who seeks gratification shall be disappointed
He who considers himself the servant of his fellow being
shall find the joy of self expression
He who seeks self expression shall fall into the pit of

Arrogance is incompatible with nature
Through nature , the nature of the universe, the nature of man
we shall seek truth
Through truth we shall find beauty.

Trying To Find The Sweet Spot Where Happiness and Passion Fuse

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