Hello World

Hello World

I’m Rain and I’m so unpredictable (undisciplined) but I like to think that I’m really that way and I like to think that I’m just being me but I can’t stop feeling that nagging sensation inside me saying I’m not what I am. Perhaps there are high ideals to pursue and perhaps those ideals are already here and perhaps not. Let me, for the meantime, pursue those high ideals with you readers =)

The First Post Hello World!!

I am a Angol, and this is on my first post. I am 24 years old. I recently graduated my undergraduate degree in EE. I am not where I want to be. I have seen where I would like to be. My mind is still finding a way to get there. I overanalyze things, always, till now.

I sense that analysis has become just another cover for inaction. That fear has if not always been the motivation of any change.

This must end. I can no longer wait for the formal proof for any action. I have seen where I would like to be.

Onthe8Spot is where I want to be.

Hello. I am Angol, and this is my first post.

Trying To Find The Sweet Spot Where Happiness and Passion Fuse

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