Season 4 of Breaking Bad

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Was busy the past few months and between family/friends, and rss feeds/books/series the former tends to win.
This makes for less blog posts, books read, programs done, and movies/television seen.

I actually watched the first two episodes of season 4 as it was being shown last year. I’ve been a fan since all the “The Wire” comparisons finally pushed me to watch the show and although I still love “The Wire” the most and believe that I haven’t seen a show that can match it Breaking Bad is an awesome show that deserves all the comparisons. The individual episodes of Breaking Bad if taken on its own have a higher entertainment value but when you take the arc from start to end is where The Wire is the stronger show.

Finished episodes 3-12 in about 10 hours.

The show was great and was only boring a handful of times. The tension was there although sometimes the circumstances make suspension of disbelief necessary.


HIMYM SE07 EP01 Musings

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How I Met Your Mother Season 07 Episode 01

Ted Mosby strikes me as someone who’ll brag about a magazine cover feature.

I was not crazy about Robin’s hair but after her dance number with Barney, she seemed soo sexy.

The phone call scene with barney and Robin was one of HIMYM’s most poignant scenes. I have this feeling of being able to relate to it although my memory is failing to recall why.


Breaking Bad

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I watch each season from one to three in one seating.  It is that good. Not nearly as well written as The Wire but action wise it seems more well versed in how to shoot great action scenes, so it has that.


I’ve been meaning to write this for the longest time, but I was still cautious because some people don’t know how to finish.

No matter the ending Secret Garden is now my Favorite Koreanovela Romantic Dramedy.


The story is layered, the magical elements irritated me a lot but it made sense when view wholistically.


The camera work is superb and you have this sense that the director/DP/cinematographers knew they were doing HD and really had the discipline to create such beautiful shots. Emphasis on the shots. Each scene was shot from 2- 5 angles and 2-3 different zoom/focal points. It had winter scenes , indoor and outdoor scenes that where so colorful. It sometimes looked like a painting.

MINOR RANT AHEAD SKIP THIS :: The Philippines is a beautiful as any place in this earth we just don’t have the discipline and probably the desire to create beautiful shots. Shame on the producers who don’t support these artist. They desire the quick buck and in the end lose the big bucks from selling these series overseas. END OF RANT


The story was layered and was obviously written as a whole unit, nothing of those write along the way that we are commonly subjected to here in the Philippines. You want know how strong the story was? Right up to the “Epic Sacrifice” I loved the 2nd romantic plot more than the leads. The story of two people who was so in loved with each other they were actively hating each other because of a “little” misunderstanding. Loved the writing/plot. Here we can commend the voice actors and the translators who did a superb job of enlivening the tagalized secret garden!!!! It was so awesome!!!!



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How i met spoilers so don’t read if you haven’t seen the season finale.





WTF Barney’s getting married, wtf. this goes against everything stinson stands for. This is not legendary. WTF!!!!


Community is the Best Comedy Show Now

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Damn fuck Community Rocks!!!!!!


Community is the Best Comedy Show Now and has been since the last two episodes of season 1!!!!


Rant on Koreanovela Endings

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Why does a good ending have to always be one where the noble character dies. Fuck. I’m miffed after watching the ending of East of Eden, previously Queen Seon Dok and Money War. Fuck. Why are we so fixated with the Greek Tragedy. FUCK.  Baker King seems very interesting but I don’t want to get pulled in.

On an interesting note, while in this demonic mood, What is the best revenge random people can do against the perpetrators of the a massacre (Watching GMA news; A victim of the Maguindanao Massacre was apparently  raped before she was killed. The victim was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was bringing his husband to Cotabato City because his husband was very sick. Animals)?  Top of my head is we could have syringes containing the blood of an AIDS infected person and while they are being brought to jail.


If I’m going to jump off the cliff and you’re going to get pushed off the cliff, why don’t we hold hands on the way down?  + Danny Kincaid , The West Wing Season 7, Episode 11.

Copied transcript from here :

“I’m sorry about the other night.”
“Because, I was behaving like the type-A, career woman, freak automaton that I so very much do not what to become.”
“I wanted to see you— And I haven’t felt that in a long time and I just got all awkward and antagonistic…. But don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to see you again until after the inauguration.”
“You won’t have to.”
“I want to do my job. I want to suck every morsel of meat off this experience before it’s over….”
“That was an attempt at a real date the other night.”
“And this?”
“Another attempt. Hey, if I’d have wanted to publish that story, I wouldn’t have given you the heads-up. I can’t write that kind of crap anymore. I don’t— I don’t even know if I want to be a reporter anymore.”
“Doug Westin’s libido broke the camel’s back.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. Can I ask you something?”
“Why’d you come here tonight?”
“Because you made me promise to.”
“Why’d you come?”
“I wanted to see you….”
“Uh, I’m flying a little blind here. I’m halfway through my life and I’m never quite sure if I’m doing anything right until I’m completely done doing it wrong….”
“So this may come out wrong.”
“I forgive you.”
“Incrementalism is not an option. Forced into a heroic posture.”
“Heroic can be good.”
“Feels funny.”
“You can do it.”
“Uh, we’re both about to fall of a cliff and I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life except I know what I don’t want to do. And on Inauguration Day you’re going to be released from that glorious prison on Pennsylvania Avenue with…. So, if I’m going to jump off the cliff and you’re going to get pushed off the cliff, why don’t we hold hands on the way down?”
C.J.’s pager goes off. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”
“You okay?”
“…I have to go.”
“I have to go.”
“Go, go.”

This was an excellent episode, it shows why the chief of staff is known as the little president.


I have a tendency to be anti social sometimes.

I tend to not watch something if it is in the fad (big exception when people whose taste I trust recommend it).

These are the series that I loved!!!!!

I Haven’t Watched But Would Love To:

Best Drama Series For Me:

  • The Wire

Close Second :

Best Comedy Series:

  • The Office

Close Second:

  • Frasier (I’m a sucker for niles  and daphne’s as much as I am a sucker for jim and pam’s)

Most Watched Series:

  • The West Wing (3X at least each episode)
  • The Wire (2x at least each episode)
  • How I Met Your Mother (3X at least each episode)
  • Serenity (2X)
  • The Office (3X at least each episode)
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