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Why ‘BoJack Horseman’ Makes Netflix Matter in the Online | Indiewire

Out of the handful of original series and show continuations Netflix has offered prior to “BoJack,” only the fourth season of “Arrested Development” has made the streaming service’s binge-watching platform vital to experiencing the show as a whole. When Mitchell Hurwitz resurrected the beloved FOX comedy on Netflix, fans and critics were vastly divided on the results, mainly because what they got was an entirely different show with a structure tailored for the Netflix platform. The first half of season four is a laborious experience at times given the slow moving setup and the many visual gags and callbacks being thrown up in the air, but its structural importance becomes intelligently clear once the later episodes reach up and twist every storyline into each other. Season 4 is essentially a meticulously constructed single episode split into 15 parts, one that must be binged to achieve its maximum comedic effect.

Watch “Arrested Development” Season 4 week-to-week and most viewers will check out within the first month as the show seemingly goes nowhere. But binge a couple episodes at time and the cyclone of inside jokes and interconnected plots spin faster and faster until nearly every story, every character and every gag has a howling comic payoff. What Hurtwitz’s Season 4 master plan gives way to is a comedy constructed specifically for the Netflix digital age. The laughs are inherently built into the binge-watching process, and the binge-watching process gives way to a storm of uproarious laughs.

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The Ten Best TV Shows of 2012 | Filmmaker Magazine

Have to check this out one of these days!


1. Adventure Time

Yes, a children’s cartoon about a human boy and his talking dog is the best show on TV. I’ll try to explain.

Adventure Time has been on the air essentially nonstop since its Cartoon Network premiere in 2010 (though technically, season five began a few weeks ago). On paper, the show might sound indistinguishable from any other kid’s show – each week we follow the ramshackle adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, two best buds who travel the magical Land of Ooo, a storybook world populated by characters like Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, and Cinnamon Bun (who is, you guessed it, a talking cinnamon bun). Stylistically, though, the show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before – a caffeinated mixtape of post-Sega Genesis anime, autotune soundtrack, the visuals of Milton Bradley’s Candy Land as re-imagined by David Lynch, and a big, huge, weird, pubescent heart.

I could go on and on about “I Remember You”, the best 11-minutes of television I saw this year – a devastating parable about coping with an aging loved one’s dementia. Or “Sons of Mars,” a trippy epic that posits Abraham Lincoln as a Christ-like deity, and ends with a tiny lion-unicorn hybrid being freed from a glass bottle and flying off into the sky screaming, “My new prison is shame!” Or the fact that repeat viewers will come to realize that the magical Land of Ooo is actually a future version of Earth, ravaged from nuclear war. Or the terrifying “King Worm.” Or the thinly-veiled masturbation metaphor of “All the Little People.” Or lines of dialogue that I haven’t been able to shake from my head since I first heard them (“This bear is tops blooby,” “In the tree, part of the tree,” “I don’t know if my little boy heart can take it.”)

But this is all stuff better experienced that explained, I promise. I don’t care how old you are, Adventure Time will make you remember what an awesome, terrifying sugar-rush it is to be young.

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Congratulations to Breaking Bad!!!

Season 4 of Breaking Bad

Was busy the past few months and between family/friends, and rss feeds/books/series the former tends to win.
This makes for less blog posts, books read, programs done, and movies/television seen.

I actually watched the first two episodes of season 4 as it was being shown last year. I’ve been a fan since all the “The Wire” comparisons finally pushed me to watch the show and although I still love “The Wire” the most and believe that I haven’t seen a show that can match it Breaking Bad is an awesome show that deserves all the comparisons. The individual episodes of Breaking Bad if taken on its own have a higher entertainment value but when you take the arc from start to end is where The Wire is the stronger show.

Finished episodes 3-12 in about 10 hours.

The show was great and was only boring a handful of times. The tension was there although sometimes the circumstances make suspension of disbelief necessary.

HIMYM SE07 EP01 Musings

How I Met Your Mother Season 07 Episode 01

Ted Mosby strikes me as someone who’ll brag about a magazine cover feature.

I was not crazy about Robin’s hair but after her dance number with Barney, she seemed soo sexy.

The phone call scene with barney and Robin was one of HIMYM’s most poignant scenes. I have this feeling of being able to relate to it although my memory is failing to recall why.