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Fiba Asia Champions Cup 2011 June 1


Was lucky enough to get good seats around great cheerers for the Smart Gilas during yesterdays game.


It was the loudest and raudiest bunch of supporters. It was reminiscent of Ginebra fans, although I still credit Ginebra for having fans across all economic stratas.


The whole game was a great experience, something I can scarcely believe I was a part of. The game was hard fought and I was beginning to have doubts that Smart Gilas would pull through because No.4 of ASU-Jordan seemed to be able to score at will.


THE FANS ARE HERE. Was watching for the last few days and I can say without a doubt this was the funnest crowd of all the games I’ve been fortunate to have watched(this tournament).


The cheering on my estimation was started by the tiu groupies but the red courtside people needed only a little prodding. It was fun watching the last 4 minutes or so of the game standing up because everybody was so hyped. I wish I was a better writer to convey how fun the game was. It was well worth the half-day I incurred between watching the NBA Finals at home arriving after lunch and leaving early to catch Smart GILAS make their countrymen proud!!!!!!!!!!


On a related note we need a two syllable chant to shout during offense the way we do with defense when Smart Gilas is defending. I say we can shout GI-LAS.


I’m irked that I don’t know whether I’d be able to get great seats for the quarter finals , the semi finals and God willing the Finals!!! That experience was just to damn good to not spread by word of mouth.


On  a related note shame on GMA and ABS-CBN for not covering Smart Gilas with the same dedication they do the Azkals.  I have nothing against football and I actually enjoy watching high level football, but damn even if the Smart Gilas people aren’t of the same artista caliber as the Azkals, and the game is featured in IBC13 we really need to set aside these petty rivalries for things that can create a sense of nationalism. We have a shattered cultural psyche and we need all the events and accomplishments, pseudo accomplishments we can muster to galvanize ourselves as a nation. A house divided falls, a nation divided crumbles.

::Entrenpreneurship as a Silver Bullet ::10tonfunk LITE – Notes from Ha-Joon Chang’s Lecture at NYU on “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism”

I just love it when I find something that expresses what I’ve long believed to be true but cannot express in a way that satisfies the frustrated essayist/writer in me.

The new spiel that politicians and social change advocates of the Philippines profess to advocate is entrepreneurship. Bullshit. There is a reason that Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley. There is a reason that no matter what a lot of countries do the game is still played by the valley’s rules. The valley is structured to allow the next yahoo, google, youtube and, facebook.

If you are professing to be more than a snake’s oil salesmen then what are you doing to create the structure that would allow entrepreneurship to result into amazing wealth. Think of the Henry Sy’s , the Lucio Tan’s, the Andrew Tan’s. How do we make things just a little bit easier for the next batch of tycoons? If all you can say is entrepreneurship and nothing else, please shut up and don’t waste our times.

Thing 15: “People in poor countries are more entrepreneurial than people in rich countries”

George W. Bush: “The problem with the French is they don’t have a word for entrepreneurship.” Lot of people like to say you need entrepreneurs to make a rich country, the problem with poor countries is the lack of entrepreneurs.

In fact, developing countries teem with micro-entrepreneurs selling things you didn’t know could be bought and sold. Like professional line queuers who get in line early and sell the place. If full of entrepreneurs, why are these countries poor? Rich countries have many people doing specialized jobs for large companies. In rich countries 1/8 people is self employed. The rate is 2-3x that in poor countries. Ratio of rich to poor is 4:2. Bangladesh to US is 10:1 . Norway to Benin is 13:1.

The reason this doesn’t result in wealth is entrepreneurship is rarely an individual event now, if it ever was. You need social infrastructure; corporate, legal and financial systems. This is why microfinance has had such little result. Poor country’s with high self employment numbers prove this — you need structure.

For example: a Croatian microfinance group, helped everyone buy cows. As a result the milk market (which is based on perishable goods) flooded and collapsed, and everyone ended up in more debt. In Denmark, during last century, they bought cows, but had cooperative creameries, made cheese for export, and fed whey to pigs which were then slaughtered in collective slaughterhouse. Individual farmers couldn’t set up creamieres or slaughterhouses themselves.

95% of economics is common sense made deliberately complicated . Priests used to do in Latin, economists do it with numbers. All professions build jargon to keep people away, but it’s more advanced in economics. Why treat economists with kid gloves when we have strong opinions on everything else? … “I’m like the magicians that show you how tricks are done on TV.” There are certainly some secondary things only trained economists can and should do. However we’re often lacking facts that would help us make decisions — the purpose of the book is to help educate people about economics and encourage them to be “active economic citizens.”

via 10tonfunk LITE – Notes from Ha-Joon Chang’s Lecture at NYU on “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism”.

rePost :: Japanese Awesomeness::Reporter’s journey to Sendai reveals Japanese virtues – Special Reports – GMA News Online – Latest Philippine News

Even inside the devastated Sendai International Airport where cars, planes and buildings had been strewn about like toys, there was no sign of looting. People using the terminal as a shelter did not even touch the food and water inside the many food shops that had been abandoned.

Since the supply of fuel was severely limited and difficult to purchase, I innocently asked our driver Tosho-san if there was a possibility of siphoning fuel from the wrecked vehicles strewn all over the coast.

Despite their desperation, Japanese residents of tsunami-devastated Sendai calmly line up for food and relief supplies.

His answer made me feel ashamed. Tosho-san told me if we did that he wanted no part of it since he did not want to join us in hell.

This same man would bid us an emotional farewell a day later after his vehicle ran out of fuel in the middle of the highway and we transferred to another.

via Reporter’s journey to Sendai reveals Japanese virtues – Special Reports – GMA News Online – Latest Philippine News.


I have to say that I take issue with how the writer wrote:


Despite their desperation, Japanese residents of tsunami-devastated Sendai calmly line up for food and relief supplies.


But I believe what he should have written was

Despite their desperate situation , Japanese residents of tsunami-devastated Sendai calmly line up for food and relief supplies.

People are desperate because they show this,  or act that way. A situation may be termed desperate. But when you say someone is desperate and he is acting and show himself acting calmly then you are stating this because of something else.


But this is besides the point.


Japan you are Awesome. Your social cohesiveness is second to none. Bravo! We will be rooting for your success.


rePost :: Mayor Lim living in ‘wild, wild west’—De Lima –, Philippine News for Filipinos

I acknowledge that these measures are draconian, but fuck do they work.

Mayor Lim living in ‘wild, wild west’—De Lima

By Philip Tubeza

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 15:27:00 03/17/2011

Filed Under: Police, Crime, Kidnapping

MANILA, Philippines—He’s living in a different world. This was what Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim for issuing a shoot-to-kill order against five Manila policemen accused of pocketing P12 million in ransom money a Malaysian businessman paid to his kidnappers.

“He’s still living in a different world—(the) wild, wild west. That is no longer in style and it is against the Constitution, and it is against the law and human rights, for heaven’s sake,” De Lima said in a press conference on Thursday.

Lim gave the shoot-to-kill order on Monday against Senior Inspector Peter Nerviza, Senior Police Office 3 Ernesto Peralta, PO3 Jefferson Britanico, PO3 Mike Ongpauco and PO1 Rommel Ocampo after they walked out of an investigation and went into hiding.

The following day, the policemen surfaced and claimed that their lawyers had advised them against appearing before the police investigation into the disappearance of the ransom money after the kidnappers were arrested.

“He should have allowed it to go through the process. So, maybe he could have given a warning that `If you don’t surrender, we will run after you,’” De Lima said.

“They should have filed a case, and then get a warrant of arrest, but not a shoot-to-kill order,” she added.

Marlon Lopera, the alleged mastermind behind the abduction of Malaysian businessman Eric Chin Sim Tong, had claimed that the ransom money was intact in the bag when the police recovered it.

Tong said he paid P16 million for his ransom but the five policemen reported that the bag had only P4.2 million.—With Tetch Torres,

via Mayor Lim living in ‘wild, wild west’—De Lima –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

Better Class of Politicians :: Manny does a Floyd (A missed opportunity) | Filipino Voices

Fr. Tito Caluag who is supposed to have signed the report has publicly denounced the hoax by stating to the effect that the document is forged and that he is not even competent to make the evaluation since he is neither a psychologist (nor a psychiatrist).

It was then a perfect opportunity for Villar to be a gentleman politician by condemning the ludicrous fabrication and thereby allowing to mitigate the tone of animosity in the campaign (that is, if the source of the report is not his party or a cabal of rabid partisans). Very unfortunately, Villar did just the exact opposite.

One may recall that during the last US presidential election, a woman from the audience in a town hall meeting stood up and took the microphone to confirm from John McCain if Barack Obama is an Arab (implying maliciously that being an Arab, Obama is either uncivil or a terrorist). McCain defended his rival without any hesitation. “No ma’am,” McCain said to the woman after retaking the microphone from her. “He is a decent family man . . . citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about,” he further stressed earnestly.

Unlike McCain who had had the basic decency to cut off the woman wanting to stoke bigotry, Villar reacted in the other extreme by issuing a statement challenging Aquino to submit to a psychiatric test to determine his rival’s fitness to be a president. In a pretense to appear fair, Villar said he is willing to take the same test or a “comprehensive physical and mental examination in order to ascertain [our] fitness to occupy the highest office of the land.”

via Manny does a Floyd (A missed opportunity) | Filipino Voices.

Better Class of Government Officials Please:: PRESS STATEMENT 28 March 2010 CONCERNED ARTISTS OF THE PHILIPPINES

28 March 2010
Reference: Roselle Pineda, tel. 09296454102

artists’ group slams MTRCB for “X” rating

The Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP)
joins the local film, media and creative communities in lambasting the
so-called Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for
reverting to open fascism when it slapped an “X” rating on two films
for AmBisyon 2010 of local cable channel ANC.

This MTRCB action bares once again the repressive
soul of this relic of an agency from the martial law regime of decades past.
Under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the MTRCB has been at its most ferocious since
1986, effectively censoring the most number of films with “X” ratings
for the narrow partisan purposes of the power-hungry few. These strikedowns
expose to all and sundry the basic deceit that the MTRCB is merely a review and
classification agency.

The MTRCB should have long been sent to the dustbin
of history along with the martial law dictatorship. Its existence wantonly
violates the bold mandate of the constitution to protect freedom of expression
as an inalienable right not to be suppressed by prior restraint that the MTRCB
signifies as an institution. That Congress has not come out with a law
abolishing it 23 years after our people ratified a fundamental law with a
superior Bill of Rights speaks of the actual insensitivity to democracy of
those who have ruled the legislature and government all these years.

CAP had worked with many of today’s generation of
rising filmmakers in lobbying the passage of House Bill 6425 outlawing the
MTRCB. But this has languished under a Congress obsessed with the Arroyo
clique’s ploys to prolong itself in power.

The Arroyo regime has shown by this single act
against Philippine culture that it does not deserve at all being hosts to our
country being made this and next year’s ASEAN’s cultural capital. It is an
insult to ASEAN and the peoples of this region’s countries that the chosen
epitome of their colorful cultures would exhibit such a deep lack of respect
for cultural and creative expression.

We laud world-class Filipino filmmakers Jeffrey
Jeturian and Brillante Mendoza for holding their ground in asserting their
filmic portrayal of a country sadly lost to the mad dogs of greed and
powerlust. This MTRCB action pointedly proves the urgency of why their films
and others of similar nature ought to be made and broadcast in conscience. It
also pointedly proves why this year’s elections is all about removing the
U.S.-Arroyo regime from power.

CAP is thus intent in being part of the protests
against this abominable act of “X” ratings against the two AmBisyon
films. We likewise urge fellow Filipinos to do so, and make this season a time
to reclaim our country from the detestable Arroyo regime. ##