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Software Expenses Yearly

So I can easily find it:

  • 2 USD/month Google Drive -> may have to go 9.99 next year. Update got free 1 TB from google for my contributions to google maps.
  • 129 PHP/month Spotify -> have to cancel this but love the listen to something whenever I want to. (Not really but the illusion is good enough)
  • 99 USD/year IntelliJ -> thinking of upgrading to 199USD/year the all tools pack. Update I got an 89 USD discounted license so saved 10 USD for this year.
  • 99 USD/year Office 365 or get a 349.99 per month or a 3000/year subscription if I buy a new computer.
  • 30USD/month on Google Cloud Compute VMs and other services. Mainly my Cloud Windows Servers and various experiments with the Google Cloud Platform.

Watching Chunking Express on May 1

chunking express movie poster

I forgot to post this on facebook, and now I’ve deactivated my Facebook.

I don’t know if this will become a tradition but I find it romantic to watch Chunking Express on May 1.

I feel hypnotized whenever I watch this movie. The second story just hits me like superman insane.

I do not know but I think I’d show it to one of my friends and ask him if it had the same big impact on him.

Wong Kar-Wai knew longing, knew love and all its craziness. Wong Kar-Wai is a treasure.

Mary Jane Veloso and being on different sides of the elephant

Who did what?

I first found out about Mary Jane’s case in January 2015, long before Filipinos knew who she was. This means I’ve been talking to the Philippine embassy officials about her case even before Migrante and NUPL knew about it.

At the time, they were preparing her first case review. They shared the background and the plans with me – to raise the translator issue – but asked me not to publish anything yet because they didn’t want to prejudice the upcoming case.

This is an indisputable fact: The Philippine government hired Indonesian lawyers to appeal Mary Jane’s case, but they did not publicize what they were doing at the start.

I’ve raised my concern several times about the lack of publicity over Mary Jane’s case, but the embassy insisted they believed the legal route will have a better chance of saving her than publicity, which at the time was backfiring on the Australians.

via Mary Jane Veloso and being on different sides of the elephant.