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Problems with Inception

Well my problem with Inception is.

Trollish title. I was sick this past weekend and had a lot of time to kill around monday afternoon, when I was feeling slightly better. This allowed me to watch Doctor Zhivago a David Lean movie, which led to The Bridge on River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia. My main problem with most movies today not particularly Inception is the lack of composition, think of it this way. A super CGI film and the vistas still do not compare to the beauty of those three films,  those three film.

Thoughts on Sunshine (2007)

I’m declaring a temporary defeat. I suck at writing reviews. I take solace on my probably mistaken but comforting belief that the conversational and unstructured way of writing is more suited to a podcast or a conversation about a film rather than a formal review.

I’m procrastinating on watching Never Let Me Go. I still haven’t gotten over Atonement probably because it was the first time I watched a movie in Eastwood and I was practically alone in the movie house so I didn’t have to hold back the tears and the emotionalism that comes out whenever  something moves me, as a side note Keira Knightly’s  + british movie is slowly becoming equal to depressing for me.

Another aside I love this time of the year, award seasons is upon us and it means lots of screeners (sent to awards voters for them to see the films outside of academy/emmy/sag/golden globes showings.) This means I have True Grit 127 Hours,Never Let Me got, The Fighter (still haven’t finished this download), The Hunter and some other awards hopefuls on the to watch list.

Not really wanting to watch what would probably have my mind thinking non stop of f I decided to watch Sunshine by Danny Boyle. A film I didn’t catch when it was shown because I was graduating, getting fired from my first job , taking the EE board exams, or was in my first corporate job (I don’t remember but that was what was happening to me in 2007). I remember reading about this movie on ebert’s site and remembering how he liked it but not unequivocally.

I’d have to say that although this was pretty much classic

Watching Chunking Express on May 1

chunking express movie poster

I forgot to post this on facebook, and now I’ve deactivated my Facebook.

I don’t know if this will become a tradition but I find it romantic to watch Chunking Express on May 1.

I feel hypnotized whenever I watch this movie. The second story just hits me like superman insane.

I do not know but I think I’d show it to one of my friends and ask him if it had the same big impact on him.

Wong Kar-Wai knew longing, knew love and all its craziness. Wong Kar-Wai is a treasure.

When Orange Calls for Black: The Racial and Sexual Impotence of ‘Get Hard.’ Plus: Al Pacino Is Great Again! «

Would love to watch good Al Pacino in a movie again. 🙂

But everybody here has that, especially Bening, who somehow finds a way to give the same clenched smile about 20 different meanings. It’s exciting to see a brilliant actor invent a character by thinking about what that woman does for work. Bening gets to reinvent customer service as a sterling personality trait. You get why she lowers her guard for this leathered, mildly obnoxious man, too: Pacino’s really enjoying himself.

Danny is miserable, but you can sense, immediately, that Pacino isn’t playing misery. The bottom that Danny has hit is spiritual. He needs to detox his soul. Pacino makes his way through this movie granting wishes and tossing out treats like a combination used-car salesman and leprechaun. It’s been years since he’s been this relaxed in a movie. You don’t care that he can’t make rock megastardom seem possible. Pacino makes himself seem plausible as a movie st

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rePost::The Last is the Naruto Love Story Fans Have Been Longing For

All in all, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed The Last: Naruto the Movie. Unlike the other Naruto films I’ve seen, this one carries real weight as instead of a non-canonical one-off, it is a vital part of the story never before told in either the anime or manga. If you’ve ever wanted a Naruto love story or wanted to see how the characters mature as adults, this film is definitely worth a watch. Yes, the villain is forgettable and much of the conflict predictable, but those weaknesses are overshadowed by what is basically a Naruto/Hinata character piece that closes the door on one generation and sets the stage for the next one to come.

The Last: Naruto the Movie was released in Japanese theaters on December 6, 2014. The film will be coming Philippines in January 2015 and to Australian theaters as well in 2015.

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A Week After Its Release, John Wick Already Seems Like a Cult Classic – The Atlantic

Purely for the fun, wanted to watch again after exiting the movie house.


I’m not even sure this attempt at meaning is what will make me and others watch John Wick again and again. The coolest thing about it really is the violence. Whether Wick is taking out people at a thudding nightclub, a rain-drenched dock, or a neon-lit bathhouse, everything is presented with a crispness lacking from most lazily cut shaky-cam action movies these days. And there’s the refreshing, oddball sense of humor, down to the world-building and Nyqvist’s engagingly big performance. The entire ensemble is filled with great “hey, it’s that guy!” character actors, including John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick, Ian McShane, Clarke Peters, and Thomas Sadoski in what amount to one-scene performances.The difficulty in anointing any film a cult sensation is that it immediately gives it a whole new burden to bear: Audiences going to see John Wick expecting something ironic or skewed might exit disappointed. It’s having fun, but it’s still a straight-ahead revenge drama that gets a little bogged down in its own seriousness towards its last act. It’s not perfect. But it is special, especially for a mid-budget Hollywood action drama, and it has stuck firmly in my mind since that late-night screening last Friday. I’m going to see it again; the question is just how many of you I’m dragging along with me.

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