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Funny:: Ronnie Nathanielsz and Quinito Henson have a holiday bitchfight over TV ratings

So you’ve got THE MOST IMPORTANT MATCH IN PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL HISTORY with all the hype, and you can’t even beat a PBA quarterfinals game featuring Ginebra?

Maybe Filipinos aren’t ready for football yet. But more probably, you’re airing it on a shitty channel that has terrible reach.

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Interesting :: :: The Cohesion Crisis – Paul Krugman Blog –

Funny Sentence.

Enough with the PIIGS, a totally unhelpful acronym. What we’re really seeing now is a crisis of the “cohesion countries” — the countries that entered the EU relatively poor, and for a time received substantial aid in the form of “cohesion funds”. In Eurospeak, it’s important to know the difference between cohesion and convergence: cohesion means convergence in per capita GDP, while convergence means getting inflation rates in line so that monetary cohesion is possible. Get it?

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rePost :: Why your wife should be 27% smarter than you | Technically Incorrect – CNET News

Okay, this is yikes. argh.

The highlights are, indeed, a joy to behold, squeeze tightly, and never, ever let go. The perfect wife is five years younger than her husband. She is from the same cultural background. And, please stare at this very carefully: she is at least 27 percent smarter than her husband. Yes, 35 percent smarter seems to be tolerable. But 12 percent smarter seems unacceptable. In an ideal world–which is the goal of every scientist–your wife should have a college degree, and you should not. At least that's what these scientists believe.

I know your bit will already be chomped with your enthusiasm for learning these learned scientists' methodology. Well, they interviewed 1,074 married and cohabiting couples. And they declared, “To produce our optimization model, we use the assumption of a central 'agency' that would coordinate the matching of couples.” Indeed.

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