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Best Sentence Today 20080331

from Seth Godin’s blog:

Most people spend a lot of time to get an education.

They wait for the teacher (hopefully a great one) to give them something of value.

Many employees do the same thing at work. They wait for a boss (hopefully a great one) to give them responsibility or authority or experiences that add up to a career.

A few people, not many, but a few, take. They take the best education they can get, pushing teachers for more, finding things to do, exploring non-defined niches. They take more courses than the minimum, they invent new projects and they show up with questions.

A few people, not many, take opportunities at work. Marketers have the easiest time of this (sort of hard to commandeer the chain saw) but don’t do it nearly as often as they should.

What have you taken today?

+Getting Vs. Taking

This resonates with me so much. I’ve always had a “take it” attitude. It is not apparent but this is because I seldom want things.

but If I want something the fact is that the I will not be stopped.

(to be continued)

Makes Me Sad Somehow (20080331)

from Bayesian Heresy:

Almost a third of Silicon Valley start-ups since 1995 were founded by Indians or Chinese. They also power America’s great universities, particularly the science departments. About 40% of people earning PhDs in computer science and engineering are foreign-born

Why does this make me sad somehow???

I’d like to rant but this is depressing me too much!

People Want You To Care (Wise Words 2008 03 30)

from Seth Godin’s blog:

Do you know what most people want? They want you to care.

I’ve been wanting to rant lately with the the present

Lately this has been on my mind a lot. I’ve always been more aware than the next guy, add to this the fact that I am a self assessed half-assed know it all (KIA for short) that I engender the mockery of some of my friends on a majority of times. I have this trouble of thinking that the problems of most people are just easy problems to solve. My awareness allows me to see that a problem exists and my arrogance is making me believe that If it was me I’d have no problem at all.

The fact is that most of the time what people want is someone to fawn and adore them and a small percentage of the time they want someone to really care. It’s like (this is such an issue for me that I am having trouble composing my thoughts, to prevent a rambling post I think I’ll cut this up to smaller more focused posts.)

But that really isn’t the truth. The truth is that like love, people who really care for you are hard to find. In my life I could count probably less than the sum of the number of fingers and toes that I have, and I am 24 years old, meaning I spent a lot of my years (whole years maybe more) without finding people who truly care.  And I think that I maybe a little below average here but not by much (I Hope!), What am I intimating but not quite saying? People have spent boatloads of there time with people who mostly don’t care and when you spend so much time with people who dont care you tend to forget how much more satisfying it is to be truly cared for and we begin to believe the fake caring/fawning/adoration/fame that is given us is the same as the one we are searching for.

In terms of diets or food and nutrition we have been eating junk food for too long that we have forgotten how much more nourishing and sating real food is.

What does this mean fore us ? That we should not settle for anything less than what we really need. We must resist taking the easy path we must persevere for only that way may we reliably find what we are looking for.

The nourishment of the soul and hear that seeks to be loved / cared for so much.

(too be continued….)

Wise words indeed.

Best Sentence of the Day! 2008 03 30

Knowing that there is only now, in a sense, is a reminder to ‘live for the moment’. Since we’ll never know how long love would last, it’s best that anyone doesn’t hold back any of the love that he/she could give now. At the same, it says that we should love the person for who he/she is now and whatever condition he/she is in.

Put together ‘Every day I love you & knowing there is only now’ for me -is to fall in love with the same person each day and loving her for what she is for the moment. Much like, experiencing true love everyday.

+Clemen Ascaño on love from his multiply account!

Wow, but for me this is life in general not only for love!

Good People Dont Need Resumes (take two)

Follow Up to: Good People Dont Need Resumes (my take)

The fact that in our country the resume is still very important for a lot of jobs even if they barely look at it, or that good people are still required to do this mind numbing task is a good opening for people to do things differently. Be the change. If we want people to judge us by the things we have or have not done then start doing this to ourselves. Judge our lives with what we have or have not done, not through wortless job titles or descriptions but through the websites, programs, designs, writing we have done and not through the high fallutin words that describe resumes in the words of steve yegge wankers.

Best Sentence of the Day 20080320!

from here:

Relief, joy, happiness, it was a pure moment of happiness. No expectations about tomorrow, or grief about the past, purely in the moment. It’s one I will remember always. +Lance Allred D-Leaguer signed to a 10 day contract by the Cleveland Cavaliers

Wish I Could Feel Like This Every Moment Of Every Day!


I Would Try To Live My Life In A Manner That Would Increase My Chances Of Feeling This Way Every Second Of Everyday Of My Life!