About Us:


I am Giancarlo Angulo.  This is my blog about happiness in work and our passions. I believe in constant learning and improvement. I try to live by this constantly. I believe that as some friends say “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”. I believe that we spend the majority of our productive time at work and thus has an obligation to ourselves to find work that we enjoy; work that we feel we were meant to be. I love to travel and the ever increasing number of drafts on places restaurants cities and tours I have been fortunate enough to experience attest to, I would love to blog about these. I believe in living rationally and full of passion. There are only two modes for me on and off , either I love doing something or I don’t do it. I will be honest with what I write. I am an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, this is a big part of me but only a part of me. All views expressed in this blog is my own. I would love to hear from people who have found their 8spot that place where happiness and passion fuse. I am not their yet and so this blog is about trying to get to that point. When I can finally say that I am OnThe8Spot!!!!

We are a small group of twenty somethings. With a passion for life and a great desire to learn. To not let life just pass as by but to live life as one who is unafraid. Our desire is to one day look back in our lives and not to regret but to feel happy at what we have done and how we have lived our lives.

About On The 8 Spot:

Life is the most important thing to most people. We mostly agree, But we believe that what most people call life is mainly an existence.

Here at On The 8 Spot we want to live where else but OnThe8Spot.

What is the 8 fold path? mostly virtues to live by which are:

Right Beliefs
Right Aspirations
Right Speech
Right Conduct
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Meditation
We do not pretend that we have reached a life that walks these 8 paths, But what we have is the desire and the stubborness to try. Why don’t you try it with us, and together we may just find that sweet spot of happiness.