The very kind person who takes care of felicity is almost deaf. She can jear you but you need to practically shout and be at the correct position. My wife has been taking her to the doctor the past two weeks and apparently she needs hearing aids.  Didn’t realize hearing aids were so expensive. The supposedly discounted price for the hearing aids necessary for someone with such severe hearing loss is about 60k for a pair.  I offered to pay for one but it seems that both her ears were equally impaired and it was very confusing for her to only use one.  She decided to just try to save up for one piece while the other earpiece will be our gift to her from our family for all the love and care she has showered upon felicity.
I was fucking mad while researching about hearing aids. Apparently only 10% of needa are manufactured yearly. This is fucking un acceptable. PhilHelath really should cover this for the same reason it covers cataract surgery. There is a quality of life issue here. A social calculus that really makes not covering this stupid.
Also, why is this market not being filled? What is the reason that we can’t help more people? Is the science/engineering of hearing aids really that far off from the science of earpods and phone speakers so much so that we cannot leverage the mobile phone supply chain to do a much much cheaper better hearing aid?

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