Pick me up 2017 05 21

I have this folder in my hard drive called favorites its nearly 500 GB of anime, movies, podcast, and tv series. 

The advent of reliable streaming have practically ended increasong that hoard.
The unifying idea of that collection is that any one of those things energize me. Hajime no Ippo, one piece, the west wing, groundhog day. These things remind me of the best of me. Strangely these things help push me forward. 

Like everyone trying to get beyond their comfort zones impostor syndrome is bound to set in. I am lucky that slowly the world has shown me that ordinary people do extraordinary things. All it takes is a decent bit of smarts, the will to do it, some preparations, and a wee bit of luck.
I was watching the Dr Who episode with Vincent Van Gogh my favorite painter. Life is supposed to beat us down, force its will upon us, and drive us into submission, but we can refuse, we must refuse. 

Musings 20170519

The very kind person who takes care of felicity is almost deaf. She can jear you but you need to practically shout and be at the correct position. My wife has been taking her to the doctor the past two weeks and apparently she needs hearing aids.  Didn’t realize hearing aids were so expensive. The supposedly discounted price for the hearing aids necessary for someone with such severe hearing loss is about 60k for a pair.  I offered to pay for one but it seems that both her ears were equally impaired and it was very confusing for her to only use one.  She decided to just try to save up for one piece while the other earpiece will be our gift to her from our family for all the love and care she has showered upon felicity.
I was fucking mad while researching about hearing aids. Apparently only 10% of needa are manufactured yearly. This is fucking un acceptable. PhilHelath really should cover this for the same reason it covers cataract surgery. There is a quality of life issue here. A social calculus that really makes not covering this stupid.
Also, why is this market not being filled? What is the reason that we can’t help more people? Is the science/engineering of hearing aids really that far off from the science of earpods and phone speakers so much so that we cannot leverage the mobile phone supply chain to do a much much cheaper better hearing aid?

Musings of a tired mind in a just ended day.

Musings 20170517

Wasn’t supposed to go to a meeting. Had another meeting scheduled. But something in my gut , an instinct told me I had to go.

My gut did not fail me. 

Had to diffuse a situation that we were to blame. 

The question remaina how can one train for street smarts? Diskarte? 

I confess that I am lacking in this primarily because of reps/experience. I am too easy to please, too accepting, extremely adaptable, too contemplative, too bookish. All of these things conspiring to minimize the need for diskarte and street smarts.  

Before one can teach one must first learn, and not only learn but learn well.
I think I have to gamify this. I have to put myself in non life threatening situations where I can exercise and learn street smarts.

I am still pondering this.

New Philippine Debt of $167 Billion Could Balloon To $452 Billion: China Will Benefit

Duterte and his influential friends and business associates could each benefit with hundreds of millions of dollars in finders fees, of 2-7%, for such deals. Duterte reportedly sought to fast track some deals, and has publicly mooted the possibility of declaring martial law for a wide range of issues, including drugs, traffic, and the situation on Mindanao. Debt imposed on the public through corruption, fast-tracking or under martial law should be considered odious debt, and not repayable. The only way to s

Source: New Philippine Debt of $167 Billion Could Balloon To $452 Billion: China Will Benefit

Musings 2017 05 14

Been viewing a lot of Vinod Koshla interviews lately. I’ve been thinking about one of his talking points. 

World changing happens in the margins.

Thinking about it more I think that we Filipino technology people should reframe our thinking. We are in the margins. This is where innovations happen. If you are not innovating the problem is not government support, funding, infrastructure and the like. It is us, our attitude, our lack of perseverance, the never take no for an answer mindset that we are missing.

Quora :  Is there any case of the 3rd amendment ever being violated?

Same principle on why DAP is not criminal.

What they lost on was that (ironically) there had never been a 3rd Amendment Case before. Because of that the government had no way of knowing, for sure, that their actions were indeed illegal. Therefore the defendants were covered by a qualified immunity unless they knowingly acted illegally; and in the absence of previous precedents on this issue, the standard of “knowing illegality” was not met.

Source: (6) Home – Quora

Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive | Kali Linux

Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive/02. Kali Linux Live /Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive 02. Kali Linux LiveOur favorite way, and the fastest method, for getting up and running with Kali Linux is to run it “live” from a USB drive. This method has several advantages:It’s non-destructive — it makes no changes to the host system’s hard drive or installed OS, and to go back to normal operations, you simply remove the “Kali Live” USB drive and restart the system.It’s portable — you can carry Kali Linux in your pocket and have it running in minutes on an available systemIt’s customizable — you can roll your own custom Kali Linux ISO image and put it onto a USB drive using the same proceduresIt’s potentially persistent — with a bit of extra effort, you can configure your Kali Linux “live” USB drive to have persistent storage, so the data you collect is saved across rebootsIn order to do this, we first need to create a bootable USB drive which has been set up from an ISO image of Kali Linux.

Source: Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive | Kali Linux