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you define corruption as the appropriation of taxpayers’ money for personal gain, then this is corruption pure and simple. One sanctioned not just by long-held practice and tradition but by law.

All of which only shows how deeply rooted and tangled corruption is, and how beyond presidential resolve you need other things to push it back. Chief of them public opinion, public pressure, public opprobrium.

Someone like Enrile decides to play Santa Claus with your money, you can’t fight it legally, short of fighting to amend, or scrap, the law itself. But you can fight it morally, by public opinion, by heaping scorn on those who practice it—not quite incidentally by making sure that their children do not get voted into public office and that the values of their fathers are visited upon them.

You can fight it by telling the senators, whether they got P1.6 million or P250,000, whether the division of spoils is “hating  kapatid” or hating  gabi: You should be ashamed of yourselves you have the gall to accept things like this while the street children sleep in the streets, while the traffic cop grows tubercular from inhaling the traffic smoke. You have a heart, you have a conscience, why don’t you donate all that money to the cause of the NHA employees so their retirement pay, which is nowhere near what you get in a month, will remain intact?

I’m glad the commentators have been riled by this, but the question is, when will the public follow suit? When will we all get furious at this? When will we all go beyond making text jokes out of this? When will we start mounting a campaign against the kapal in the way we have done against the epal? This is appalling too, this is disgusting too:

This is corruption, too.

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Musings 2012 03 17

Questions plaguing me now.

  • Do I negotiate for a raise or should I just resign and get a higher salary with my next employer?
  • Do I find work overseas or should my next work still be in the Philippines?
  • If I stay here should I study for a MS and on what?
  • I’m leaning towards Economics, Development Economics, SURP, SOLAIR, Social Work, and Statistics.


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Dear 27 and (Still) Single Since Birth,

Having read your letter I get the impression that you are a witty, funny, intelligent, decent and, as you have explicitly pointed out, straight man. Unfortunately my friend, these are not enough to snag you a girl or even a boy (boys are actually more picky than girls when choosing boys).

I once had a roommate who had a thing for foreign girls. After months of distant longing for an American girl, he put on his striped long-sleeved polo, puffed up his chest, gathered what confidence he had and approached the girl of his dreams in broad daylight and in front of the whole school. He introduced himself, declared his undying love, and offered her a brand new copy of The Silmarillion. To say that the girl was taken aback is an understatement but at least she had the decency to not accept his gift and to politely decline his affections.

We were not yet roommates when it happened but he told me about it during a moment of frustration about his non-existent lovelife. “I’m a decent guy” he told me with a pained expression and his suffering was evident in his eyes. “Why do good, decent girls go for guys who do not amount to anything? I have a degree (it was more of a certificate for a two-year course) and these guys that they go after will never even finish college!”

I did not have my Auntie Janey powers back then and I was more interested in the fact that he offered the girl a copy of the book I had been longing to read than concerned for his emotional well-being.

Now that I have seen some of the lands that lay beyond the fairy mists that bordered my homeland, I can tell you this: Good, decent girls go for uncouth deadbeat men because these girls are tired of being good and decent and they want excitement and unpredictability in their lives. Yes, this is true even though a lot of educated high-achieving girls would go “Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww” at the thought.

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“These Filipinos never give up!” the FIBA announcers kept shouting.

They don’t know the half of it.

Sen. Grace Poe rode the MRT, taking two hours to get from North Avenue to Taft, ostensibly doing research ahead of a Senate hearing on the rolling disaster that is the MRT – and the even more epic fail that is the current leadership of the DOTC. Poe was lucky: the door on her coach was closed when the train ran. But the first and last thought on her mind, the senator said, was about the people all around her: Filipinos who would subject themselves to torture twice a day, taxpayers screwed by the system and insensitive leaders, but hardworking folk who, out of duty, lack of choice, but also with stubborn vision for their children, would still show up for work, waking up at 4 a.m., getting home near 10 in the evening, day in and day out, to go through the same gauntlet the next day. Below the trains gingerly running at 40 kph because doing the optimal 60 kph is now just too dangerous, even more of the people were being steamed like corn in uncertified buses.

Mura mura na lang pag may time.

And still they show up. Ready to rebound, ready to slam, giving up their bodies to clear way for another. Basketball, the No. 1 sport of Filipinos, dishes out so many metaphors, but nothing as great as the delight and heroism daily afforded by our love affair’s irony. This shouldn’t be working. Why is it working?

Our underpaid, under-supported soldiers and policemen practice rowing in Manila Bay and the Pasig River – diving for mussels in between sessions so they can have some extra energy – and that should all account for nothing. And yet there our rowers were, almost unheralded the same week our ballers were shocking the world, themselves no longer surprising as world champs. International rowing organizers had years ago declared, there is no point in having international competitions without Filipino rowers, because Filipino Rowers are by now the Brazilians of  Dragon Boat racing. So dominant, so colorful, all heart.

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