I’m starting a new segment for this blog. I’m calling it What Would I Have Done? (Different). It shows my shallowness as a person because held back by so many things instead of creating some kick ass shit of my own I’d rather criticize artist who dared to step forward and allowed themselves to be vulnerable.


I saw this in the movie house and if memory serves me right I may have written a short review about this on multiply.com or a notebook.


I still really enjoy the scene where maui and wendell discuss the merits of Snake 1 vs that of Snake 2. For the younger crowd this is the game found in old nokia gsm  phones notably the 3210 and 5110 while snake 2 is found in newer (compared to these two models) nokia phones.


One of the major things I would have done would be to change the ending a little bit. I’d probably try to make a character probably the sister patricia javier realize that her sister was in on the killing. I’m thinking a handkerchief or some memento with some blood, a necklace with nick on it or something similar.

I find this film under rated. I think the ending was too abrupt and a more drawn out ending would have done more for this piece.