I felt a little dizzy when I got out of the house and so decided against going to Cuneta Astrodome and support the Brgy against Powerade. I wasn’t feeling well and felt studying/working would be counterproductive because I wouldn’t be able to retain what I was studying or had to redo whatever module I’d work on.  Decided to check some of the movies I copied from a friends hard drive.  I’ve seen probably less than a dozen thai films and most were action/action adventure films. I was slightly curious with the film recently tagalized by abs-cbn and shown probably 2 sundays ago.   I really liked Crazy little thing called love. It had this honesty that worked while having a plot that consisted of mostly cliches. Shout out goes to the writer who seemed to have a great feel for straddling the line drawn by John Hughes.  If I’m too say what I believed could have been done better, I’d go for removing the bits with the drama teacher, Oh how irritating the drama club advisor/english teacher was, I also have a few qualms with the ending. There is a reason that the ending of “My Sassy Girl” works (Spoilers for the said movie follows), most classic comedies won’t really work in a world where everyone has a mobile phone and there’s email, most light love stories just wouldn’t work in a world with facebook, twitter, linkedin and the like you wouldn’t have to ask if someone is single or in the case of my sassy girl, I’d bet she wouldn’t have removed the in a relationship with, there just wouldn’t be that big reveal that everything is tied up with.  I just wished they put a a more subtle ending.  If I wrote the ending it would have gone somewhat like this. A fashion show in New York or probably Bangkok depends. A photographer shows his credentials to security to get access to the backstage, some small talk between the guard, The guard recognizes the photographer as a former football player, wonders if he took those amazing photographs from Mt Everest(?)/Africa   but enough of the negative stuff.   All great love stories are dependent on longing. You cannot long for something you already have. In a way the beauty of the the story is that I’d love to include a clip but most clips are full of spoilers. ฉันรักเธอ