Do CDs Sound Better Than Vinyl? | L.A. Weekly

“I’d just listen and go: ‘Jesus, after all that work, that’s all I get?’ It was sort of a percentage of what we did in the studio,” he says. “All that work and trying to make everything sound so good, and the vinyl just wasn’t as good.”Not only did records provide only a sliver of what he’d done in the studio but they also came with plenty of sounds that hadn’t been there in the first place: ticks and pops.”If you’re a musician like Bob and I,” Ludwig says, “and you get to do a mix and you listen to it and you love the way it sounds, and then it’s transferred to vinyl and suddenly it’s got noise and ticks and pops, for me that’s an extremely unmusical event.”

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rePost:Critic After Dark: Best of 2016

Terrific films, terrible yearCan’t include any horror films because to my mind the entire genre has been rendered not only unfrightening but totally redundant by the world’s recent turn into fascism. Can’t in good conscience include any film that deals directly with aforementioned recent events because 1) there aren’t that many and 2) I suspect we need to digest what’s happened for a few years before the proper level of disappointment and anger and artistry can be expressed.

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Musing 20160110 0134H

I just spent 3 hours trying to track down why my eureka clients cant connect to my eureka server whenever I change the user.

It was a one line config.

I love spring-boot but sometimes the magic is too hard to track.

I spent an hour going through various config files.

It was fun learning the innards of spring boot.

Kidnap cops | Inquirer Opinion

Mr. Duterte’s flagship campaign was also ostensibly about rooting out the corruption and criminality that have tainted law-enforcement operations. By smashing the drug syndicates, he was cutting off the supply of money and influence routinely used to make cops look the other way, or worse, to protect and participate in the drug business. But, as concerned sectors have repeatedly warned, using the same compromised police force without first cleaning up their ranks, urging them to employ the most ruthless methods while assuring them of ready pardon any time they violated their own protocols of conduct or engagement, was an open invitation to abuse.

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The same people who don’t trust the police are arguing that tokhang is good.

Fucking stupid.

SSS hike: finance with no numbers | Inquirer Opinion

The SSS campaign is a stark contrast to the intelligent tax reform initiative of Sen. Sonny Angara and Rep. Miro Quimbo. They presented compelling numbers, such as how 84 percent of individual taxpayers do not pay income tax, leaving the 16 percent with an impossible burden. They pinpointed what items in the national budget could be cut back to support tax relief.If we bewail fake news, should we not elevate public discourse and demand that demagogues and populists emulate Angara and Quimbo instead of instigating rallies?Why do we consistently glorify those who, like drums, speak loudest, yet ring the most hollow when they demand quick fixes, and demonize those who pursue the slow, unglamorous task of nation-building?React:, Twitter @oscarfbtan,

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George Marshall’s 1920 Letter on True Leadership

Churchill put Marshall’s best qualities — his leadership in the worst of times — on display when he wrote: There are few men whose qualities of mind and character have impressed me so deeply as those of General Marshall … He is a great American, but he is far more than that … He has always fought victoriously against defeatism, discouragement and disillusion. Succeeding generations must not be allowed to forget his achievements and his example. Sadly, outside of military circles, that example does seem a

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