Software Expenses Yearly

So I can easily find it:

  • 2 USD/month Google Drive -> may have to go 9.99 next year. Update got free 1 TB from google for my contributions to google maps.
  • 129 PHP/month Spotify -> have to cancel this but love the listen to something whenever I want to. (Not really but the illusion is good enough)
  • 99 USD/year IntelliJ -> thinking of upgrading to 199USD/year the all tools pack. Update I got an 89 USD discounted license so saved 10 USD for this year.
  • 99 USD/year Office 365 or get a 349.99 per month or a 3000/year subscription if I buy a new computer.
  • 30USD/month on Google Cloud Compute VMs and other services. Mainly my Cloud Windows Servers and various experiments with the Google Cloud Platform.