Why I am beginning to fear the 2016 Elections.

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First the Philippines is FIRST once again. We are involved in the “what could rank as the worst ever government data breach anywhere.” ( InfoSecurity Magazine)

Data Protection Mishap Leaves 55M Philippine Voters at Risk



Why should this increase my DOUBT in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections. Well a big part of the reason why RoRo supporters are relatively calm even with a seemingly bottom-dweller rank is that we have a core of committed but silent hopefully majority VOTERS.

This will be a close elections and if they could not verify that their electoral database has not been tampered with then this calls to question the elections.

AS an aside if you gave COMELEC your email address hurry to this site:

and check whether your email address is part of the 200k email addresses that have been compromised.

I really hope I am wrong.