Mar’s Closing Statement for MBC MAP open forum

We’re a great people.
People work hard, they sacrifice, they do without so that they could give to their children all that they can you know.
Even in the midst of calamity, Yolanda we we’re walking around there in a hovel, really tarpaulin cover, You know, voltz and I we we’re walking around inspecting tryng to figure out how to clear the streets Etc.

People will smile at you and offer you a hot cup of coffee, because there is steaming coffee by the fire they are doing no,
We’re a generous people and our people deserve so much more than what their getting and that’s what this journey is all about.
It’s giving them what is their due.

A due that many of us here enjoy perhaps even take for granted, but for them is still quite unreachable.

All the way north from ambulog, all the way south to tawi-tawi people work hard fishermen, they do what they can to earn a living and they are quite innovative.
In how they save their money and manage their resources meager as it is to try to make it through the day , to set something aside for the future.

And their hopes and dreams when they talk to(pause) me is not very different from your (points towards business men) hopes and dreams, maybe just differentiated by the number of zeros (draws zeros in the air).

Really, I mean di ba(shrugs). And I think that we you part of the governing elite, the businessmen the educated, those who have made it we owe them we owe our people what we can,

Not because it’s a handout, not because it’s paawa but simple in recognition of what they do, the hard work that they do,

Unfortunately their hardwork is not compensated properly,because of , just the system that is in place and those are some of the blockages that we have to remove so that we can unleash their own potentials and receive the just wage/compensation/income that they so richly deserve.
We’re a great nation and we can do so much better.


2016 MBC-MAP Presidential Dialogues with Mar Roxas 7

[Admin:] "We're a great people. Our people sacrifice. They do without, so that they can give to their children all that they can. And our people deserve so much more. That's what this journey is all about. It's giving our people their due." – Mar Roxas

Posted by Mar Roxas on Wednesday, March 30, 2016



PS:I just found the speech inspiring. I abide by our church’s unity.