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Benigno Aquino III might have shown he’s a different kind of President, might have clearly demonstrated he’s not corrupt and doesn’t plunder, might have led a government that has supervised a dramatic growth in the economy and a reform of internal revenues as well as increased transparency in governance. Doesn’t matter. He’s still derided, vilified and belittled 24×7. And a crisis like the Mamasapano clash is grist to the mill, a leverage point for critics (casual, sincere and hypocritical), haters, political outs and wannabes to try to dislodge the president. Even sinister Catholic clerics, who probably want to brng back the 19th century, have joined in.

Although in three years, the Aquino administration has managed the unheard of feat of impeaching a dubious Supreme Court Chief Justice and arresting three prominent senators – strangely, somehow Aquino has been painted as the guilty party. He’s under a steady unremitting attack that’s eroding his popularity (which by the way according to the last published survey is still the highest figure compared to the past four presidents). Aquino is supposed to be simultaneously an inept bumbler and an evil genius, a hapless incompetent and a sinister dictator. It’s probably only a matter of time before he’s accused of stealing watches or candy from a mall store.

Source: The Filipino way with presidents | Hotmanila


Sad and true.