SC scolds Binay lawyers for ‘wrong doctrine’ | Inquirer News

The last to interpellate in the four-hour-long oral arguments on Tuesday, Sereno directed both the lawyers of Binay and the Ombudsman to “measure the condonation doctrine” against “the Filipino soul.”Sereno showed a 63-page slide show, breaking down all the evidence that the Ombudsman has so far gathered against Binay, laws governing administrative liabilities of local government officials, and jurisprudence on administrative cases against local officials.In her presentation, Sereno also cited the magnitude of public funds that local officials handle—P389.8 billion for disbursement this year and P341.5 billion in 2014—and the kind of impact that condonation would have if officials were allowed to get off easy by virtue of this doctrine.“Do you imagine the magnitude of that money? That is nearly 20 times [the budget] of the entire judiciary,” she said.“We’re talking about the magnitude of the problem we’re facing here. The social impact the message is saying is very important for the life of this country,” Sereno said.

Source: SC scolds Binay lawyers for ‘wrong doctrine’ | Inquirer News


Simply because CJ Sereno has about two decades to effect change she would probably be if she wants it and is strong enough to handle all the politics and pressure involved the CJ who helped the Philippines the most.


Morales and Sereno are a non minor Part of the Daang Matuwid legacy.