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OverviewFeatures include:connect to a single server, a replica set, or a MongoS instanceDB ops: create, drop, authenticate, command, eval, …Collection ops: create, rename, drop, find, insert, save, …Document ops: update, duplicate, remove, …Index ops: create, drop, …Shard ops: enable sharding, add shard, shard collection, …GUI Document builderImport / Export data from database to local files in JSON, BSON, CSV format.Support for query options and write concerns (getLastError)Display of numerous stats (server status, db stats, replication info, etc)Mongo tree refreshes to have a real time view of cluster (servers up/down, durability, etc)All operations are executed in background to keep UI responsiveBackground threads can repeat commands automaticallyGUI is identical on all OSOnce GUI is up, just click file/connect and point it to MongoDB servers.

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I was looking for a GUI mongoDb and found this!