How a Binay dummy got a P1B Makati property


Valued at P1-billion at present, the 8,877 square meter commercial strip in Bgy Comembo was originally part of a housing project for military personnel and their dependents

Meriras Realty, owned by alleged Binay fronts, rented the area for a mere P9,157 a month

Erlinda Chong, Makati’s cake supplier and a friend of the Binays, acquired the rights on a silver platter to patent the property

Chong paid P17.75 million for the property

A complainant asked why the contested property was appraised at only P2,000 per square meter despite the prevailing price in the area being between P10,000 and P15,000 per square meter

via How a Binay dummy got a P1B Makati property.