Why the MRT Fare Hike is a step towards the right direction

Need Ideas. The MRT is the/a Government’s Subsidy to all the companies located at Makati Taguig and Ortigas while probably 70 of the work force lives in places as far as cavite/bulacan/pampanga/batangas/qc/caloocan/paranaque/muntinlupa.

The same people who bash the fare hike are probably against the concentration of wealth/business in metro manila. If we want to spread the wealth then we have to dismantle the hidden subsidies that support the primacy of Makati/Mandaluyon/Taguig Business Districts.

My Two Cents


As an aside I really need to learn to write in long form and well thought out essays. This like most of my one paragraph post could well be long form pieces except I have no time and skill to do such pieces yet 🙁