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The famous UP lawyer who can’t read between the lines. Vietnam is not a lackey of the US yet is encountering aggressive action by China. Is it too much of a stretch that maybe China is aggressive against US not specifically because of our close ties with the US?


Add blaming the President for the failings of the Judiciary and someone has to say it:

Harry Roque is a hack!

I wish that we eventually get a lawyer of principle who fights for principle instead of his ego.



I answered all of the options except for strengthening our ties with the US since China already views us as a mere lackey of the US, I explained that with the billions of pesos that we have lost in PDAF and DAP, we could already afford the cost of modernizing our navy. I am unsure though until now what Justice Carpio was leading to since he ended his interpellation by observing that China has also been aggressive against Vietnam despite the latter’s staunch independent foreign policy.

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