Taste the Rainbow: The Mouthwatering Colors of ‘Big Hero 6’ «

Coloring in animated movies has reached a place beyond conventional realness. It’s in a hyper-sensory realm. Merely watching Big Hero 6 feels inadequate. It does something synesthetic. It’s true that I didn’t see it in 3-D, but I’m not sure getting closer to the images would have kept me from trying to leap through the screen. This movie is so energetically fulgent and steroidally sweet that watching it is basically like losing your mind in the drug-store candy aisle. You want to lick the light and bite fake plastic and metal. (This must be what it’s like for kids to stand in front of a Jeff Koons.) I don’t know whether scientists have found a correlation between films that look like this and children’s addiction to them. But The Lego Movie looks like a galaxy of hard candy and happens to have grossed a zillion dollars. There are movies that treat you like a toddler and movies that reduce you to one. Big Hero 6 is the latter. You want to shove the whole thing in your mouth.

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