Larry Page, Sergy Brin Are Lousy Coders – Business Insider

It turns out the developers most responsible for building the that quickly became the Web’s most powerful company are two guys you’ve probably never heard of.

The first is Urs Hözle. According to one early Googler quoted by Edwards, Hözle was “the key” to Google’s early success.

Edwards writes, “Enough engineers sang his praises that this book could have been written entirely as a hagiography of Saint Urs, Keeper of the Blessed Code.”

The second is Jeff Dean. Edwards writes that “Jeff pumped out elegant code like a champagne fountain at a wedding.”

“It seemed to pour from him effortlessly in endless streams that flowed together to form sparkling programs that did remarkable things. He once wrote a two-hundred-thousand-line application to help the Centers for Disease Control manage specialized statistics for epidemiologists. It’s still in use and garners more peer citations than any of the dozens of patented programs he has produced in a decade at Google. He wrote it as a summer intern in high school.”

via Larry Page, Sergy Brin Are Lousy Coders – Business Insider.