READ: Jennifer’s German fiance reacts | ABS-CBN News

No wonder the monster soldier did think he would get away with it. You show him that every day. Your society does. How should a foreigner respect people like Jennifer if your own society doesn’t?

So face your own guilt. And if the death of Jennifer is for one sense. Learn from it. Listen to the gender protests of those who now finally stand up. Open your eyes (to) what is happening around you and make everyone part of your community.

Isn’t one slogan: STAND TOGETHER OLONGAPO? Why don’t you start with those who you do let stand outside from your society?

Aim high Olongapo? What a joke, regarding what (life) you offer to the majority of your own people.

I will try my best to get there as soon as I can, to pay the honor and respect to Jennifer as the Rose of Olongapo, the honor and respect she simply (deserves) for lifetime but never got from society.

via READ: Jennifer’s German fiance reacts | ABS-CBN News.