PANALO! | Group of Pinoy coders win big in international coding tourney | Infotek News:

A great victory for local tech!!


Math and gamesThe veritable quartet all came from Kalibrr, a local startup that helps optimize the recruitment process of outsourcing companies through their cloud-based platform.Magno, who admitted as being the least technical person of the group, came from Ateneo de Manila University and serves as Kalibrr associate product manager.Both Atienza and Ayson are company developers, while Dumol is chief software engineer. All three are members of the University of the Philippines Programming Guild.Dumol said that he started out programming after chancing upon a book in elementary about building a website.“I was in grade six and I found a book on how to make a website. It’s very fulfilling to be able to translate your ideas and thoughts into working code and make a program basically out of nothing by typing on a computer,” Dumol said.Though Ayson came to programming at a much later stage in his life, his math skills carried him through.“I did not even know the Internet until fourth year high school. I did not know that you just double click the Firefox logo to launch the Internet,” Ayson said. “But I was discovered for my math ability. I like how programming and code solves many different problems.”Atienza, a familiar name in the programming community as a hackathon master, said that his love for gaming paved the way for programming.“Before college I did not know any programming… I thought this was entirely all about games and computer. But I actually love Math and problem solving,” Atienza said.If there is one more thing the group share aside from coding, it’s gaming. The group’s name – Liadri — was actually derived from the final boss in the online game Guild Wars.

via PANALO! | Group of Pinoy coders win big in international coding tourney | Infotek News: